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Gra'Quaitus (Gra-ke-way-it-us)

Many inexperienced underworld explorer has fallen afoul to these bad tempered beasts.
Dragons, for the most part are highly intelligent creatures capable of complex thought and masters of the tides of magic, the Gra'Quaitus is not a Dragon at all. Commonly nicknamed a puddle Dragon by Kolbolds and Goblins, thought to have come from their stout height, ability to submerge in even shallow rivers and being highly territorial over their waters. In fact the Gra'Quaitus Is a distant ancestor of the basilisk and hydra. A fact a Dragon will not hesitate to remind you off should it catch you referring to one of these semiaquatic behemoths as a puddle Dragon. Despite it's cute nickname, the Gra'Quaitus is anything but. Infamous for their aggressive temperament and unpredictable nature has made these monsters feared by anyone travelling the underworlds waterways.
  The Cavern Raider Handbook explicitly advises explorers to keep a distance from ?? at all times, a warning echoed by most Goblin brood mothers to their rambunctious offspring.  
by Anithecutie
Ya' don't wanna annoy one of dese gits. They get one whiff of ya, they come crashin' thro anything just ta stomp ya inta da ground.
— Vem'queel, on harassing things that you shouldn't.


Despite its intimidating appearance and foul temperament the Gra'Quaitus is in fact a megaherbivore. Commonly found in the middle layer of the underworld, close to plentiful sources of vegetation and fungus. These large subterranean reptiles are semiaquatic, spend their days in lakes and rivers. Typically sticking to swampy environments, liking to be slick in mud and moss as a way of camouflaging themselves from would-be predators.   Territorial bulls each preside over a stretch of water over groups of five to thirty females and calves. Males tend to settle disputes by playing a game of conkers with their heads, slamming them into their rivals shoulders until one backs down.   It has been known that some males try to attract females by creating elaborate displays with moss, mud and foliage, having been even known to try and uproot entire plants, flowers, and even small bushes or trees to add to their displays.  
While their thick hides have been instrumental in ensuring the Gra'Quaitus survival for millennia, it's also the prime reason hunters target them. Their thick hides have become highly sort after. Far superior to any other produced both in quality and durability, it has made Gra'Quaitus hide highly sought after.


  Bulge of their neck sticks out when they're submerged beneath the water.   Their thick hide resistant hide allows the Gra'Quaitus great protects them against most predators of the underworld, it is only the larger terrors of the depths that pray upon them.   Despite its short stocky legs, it is capable of running 20 mph over short distances.   It's heavy, wedge-shaped snout is used to scythe through foliage and forage for food. Using its large muscular necks to crash it's broad armoured head down on any obstacle or threat with relative ease. They also have a nasty disposition to attack any unfamiliar creature that wanders too close, or anything it considers a threat to its herd.


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