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The Relic Acquisition Syndicate

Led by enigmatic figures with a penchant for secrecy, this syndicate excels in obtaining ancient artifacts of immense value and mystical significance. Their skilled agents, trained in the arts of subterfuge and combat, traverse perilous lands and navigate treacherous alliances, all in pursuit of the relics that hold the key to unimaginable power.
Seek them, and unlock the secrets that lie beyond mortal grasp.
Standing unrivaled as the quintessence of intrepid explorers and ardent seekers of forgotten relics, their insatiable thirst for the unknown fuels The Relic Acquisition Syndicate, guiding them with deftness through treacherous currents of shifting allegiances. Ever poised to offer their remarkable skills and services to the highest bidder, they reign supreme as the arbiters of their trade.   Among the denizens of the underworld, it is widely known that the Syndicate's artistry remains unparalleled, their very name whispered reverently with profound awe. Countless tales and exploits of the veteran Syndicate members have become etched into the tapestry of legend itself, forever woven into the fabric of history.
  Yet, in the absence of the constraints imposed by active contracts, the Syndicate's gaze instinctively turns inward, their attention captivated by the siren call of the Abyss. It is in these moments that their most accomplished teams redirect their focus, embarking on ever-deeper delves into the unfathomable unknown. They seek to unravel the enigmatic mysteries that lay dormant within the depths, a task that both perplexes and enthralls them in equal measure.   With a burst of fervor, the Relic Acquisition Syndicate embraces the perplexity of their pursuit, a turbulent dance with destiny.  
Ah, my friends, behold the Relic Acquisition Guild! They plumb the depths of ancient lore, harness extraordinary technologies, and unearth untold treasures. Imagine, if they shared their secrets, how our world could flourish! Join their cause, for fortune and enlightenment await!
— Tarraen Inilani - Archivist and Scholar
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Structure Of The Syndicate

  The organizational structure of The Relic Acquisition Syndicate is meticulously designed to maintain efficient operations and foster a sense of hierarchy within the guild. At its core lies a tiered system of leadership, where each rank carries distinct responsibilities and privileges. Moreover, the Syndicate maintains a prestigious directory that catalogs the special titles of its most esteemed leaders, titles that not only reflect their reputation but also reveal their true intentions within the guild.    

The Seekers



Novitiate Rank
Novitiates are newly inducted members of the syndicate who have yet to prove their worth. They undergo rigorous training and apprenticeship to develop the necessary skills and knowledge required for their future endeavors.


Adept Rank
Adepts are the guild's eyes and ears, skilled in reconnaissance, navigation, and locating hidden treasures. They undertake missions to survey and assess potential sites, gathering valuable information to aid in planning future expeditions. Adepts make up the bulk of the public face of the syndicate.


Researcher Rank
Researchers delve deep into the annals of history, unearthing forgotten legends, deciphering ancient texts, and uncovering clues that lead to valuable relics. They provide essential knowledge and insights to guide the guild's pursuit of ancient lore and hidden treasures.


Contract Specialist Rank
Seekers who have completed their examinations will join together as members of distinguished squads under the tutelage of an Expedition Leader, it is at the level of Seeker that a would-be explorer is encouraged to venture out under contracts to plumb the depth and grow a name for themselves and bring success to the squad they represent.

Expedition Leader

Expedition Leader Rank
Expedition leaders are seasoned veterans entrusted with leading the guild's daring forays into dangerous and uncharted territories. They possess a mastery of combat, strategy, and lore, capable of navigating treacherous environments and leading their teams to success.

Master Relic Hunter

Highly respected and accomplished members of the guild, known for their exceptional skills and numerous successful expeditions. They have honed their abilities to perfection, garnering a reputation for their extraordinary prowess in relic acquisition.

The Deep Delvers

D eep Delvers are a select few who are sanctioned to delve into the unknown depths having attuned to a relic known as an Eonite Key. These intrepid adventurers lead the charge in exploring the most remote and enigmatic realms of the abyss and provide the constant supply of new artefacts for research..

Archivist of Secrets

The Archivist of Secrets is a distinguished leader responsible for preserving and organizing the guild's extensive knowledge and records. They hold the wisdom of ages, cataloging the lore and artifacts discovered by the guild, and their intentions and reputation contribute to their prestigious title.

Grand Acquisitionist

"Ah, you're all starry-eyed and eager, aren't you? Let me tell you something, my young and naive companions—ascending through the ranks of the guild is no simple jaunt through the familiar Amaranthine meadows of home. It's a perilous dance amidst treacherous shadows and unyielding challenges. Underestimate the path ahead, and you'll find yourself swallowed whole by the very abyss we sought to conquer."
— Dismissive Delver

Public Agenda

  Primarily centered around their reputation as skilled mercenaries and treasure hunters. They present themselves as a professional organization that offers their services to clients seeking the acquisition of rare artifacts, exploration of dangerous locations, or retrieval of valuable treasures. The Syndicate advertises its expertise in navigating treacherous terrains, deciphering ancient texts, and overcoming formidable obstacles.   Publicly, they emphasize their commitment to professionalism, confidentiality, and delivering results. They position themselves as reliable and trustworthy allies in the pursuit of wealth and knowledge. Their public image portrays them as experts in their field, capable of handling high-stakes missions and achieving success where others may falter.   The Syndicate actively seeks out contracts and partnerships with individuals, organizations, or governments interested in accessing hidden realms, uncovering ancient secrets, or recovering priceless artifacts. They showcase their extensive network, specialized skills, and comprehensive knowledge as selling points to potential clients.   In their public interactions, the Syndicate maintains a certain level of discretion regarding their deeper involvement with the Abyss and their secretive research. While they may allude to their exploration of uncharted territories, they do not divulge the true extent of their activities within the mysterious depths.

Fortune Favours the Fearless, Within Shadows We Thrive

Guild, Adventuring
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The Relic Hunters
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  Nestled deep within the annals of the Dral'azie, concealed in the shadowed abyss of the Underworld, the Relic Acquisition Guild flourished, its origins shrouded in mystery.   Legend whispered of a valiant band of Dral'azie adventurers, scholars, and mercenaries who, bound by a shared purpose, forged an alliance. Their mission: to unearth the lost relics of their ancestry and reclaim the forgotten wisdom entombed within the unfathomable depths of the Abyss. And so, their fateful journey commenced amidst the midstratum of the underworld, where the ethereal mist of The Sea of Mists transformed into the relentless tempest of The Sapphire Pillars. It was there, amidst the ancient obelisks adorned with cryptic hieroglyphs, that they gleaned fragments of arcane knowledge, steeped in centuries of lore. With this cryptic wisdom as their guide, the group embarked upon a treacherous descent into the lower darks, venturing forth into the desolate expanse known as The Dsja'taresh Desert—a harsh and unforgiving wasteland that tested their resolve and strength. Under the watchful gaze of the Hollow Sun, amidst ceaseless sandstorms and the relentless onslaught of the desert's predatory inhabitants, the Seekers pressed on, guided by the scholarly translations, their path leading them into the very heart of Phyraxgia, the shadow-ridden realm of mystery.   Within the ancient tombs of Pharahesses, their search bore fruit beyond their wildest expectations. There, concealed within the final resting place of an unknown Pharahess, they unearthed an artifact of ancient Nekharahian origin—an object of untold power, its knowledge obscured by enigmatic glyphs.   Driven by this astonishing discovery, the group splintered into two factions, their pursuits diverging to widen the scope of their quest. The Scholars, laden with newfound knowledge and priceless artifacts, retreated to commence their arduous research, seeking to unravel the secrets embedded within the artifact's enchantments. Meanwhile, the remaining adventurers resolutely delved into uncharted territories—the forbidding reaches of The Tideless Expanse. Within this hauntingly beautiful yet treacherous region, characterized by untamed reefs, formidable ridges, and enigmatic trenches, they confronted colossal monstrosities, braved tempestuous storms, and confronted the enigmas of an antediluvian world. Amidst the boundless expanse, they unearthed additional fragments and relics of unimaginable potency, leaving an indelible mark upon their collective psyche.   Forged within the crucible of their perilous exploits and audacious undertakings, the guild flourished, its prominence and renown ascending. As tales of their astonishing discoveries reverberated through the underworld, they became coveted by the Templars of The Seven Signs, the nobility of Tra'vanor, and ambitious individuals driven by avarice and ambition. Each sought the guild's aid, hungry for the wealth, power, and secrets that could fuel their own clandestine machinations. Yet, true to their audacious nature, the guild remained indifferent to political allegiances or affiliations, serving only those who could meet the steep price that accompanies their remarkable skills and unrivaled expertise.  
Artists' rendition of the upperdark

An unknown artists' renditioning of the known upperdark stratum featuring the famous Maw of The Sea of Mists documented by the Syndicate

Diplomatic Tensions

It is well known that the 'defilement of sacrality' of Eonite relics that are retrieved from the Abyss has long rubbed the Temple the wrong way, and while publically The Templar Order refrain from taking action against the Syndicate - it is rumoured that there are many intricate webs being spun to bring about the downfall and retrieval of what are believed to be Aulreths' relics.

The recent break-ins to a number of vaults in Glorthmiirs bank have been firmly blamed upon the Relic hunters due to the nature of the items which were stolen. Such brazen raids have led to Glorthmiirs placing hefty bounties on the heads of any member of the Syndicate brought to them for interrogation.
by Anithecutie
Let us not be swayed by the glitter of their trophies or the tales of their triumphs, for theirs is a path wrought with heresy and heathenry. The relics they disturb, the ancient lore they disrupt—these are not mere trinkets or treasures to be plucked from forgotten depths. No, they are fragments of our heritage, echoes of the divine, and Artifacts of the Abyss mother herself. Resist the temptation to join their cause, for the price they pay may be too steep to bear. Instead, let us remain steadfast in our duty to safeguard the sacred relics within the embrace of the Temple.
— Ulven'rin Palgorn, Templar Cleric of the Mystara Chapter

Guild Culture

Viewing themselves as guardians of ancient knowledge, they embrace their responsibility to unearth hidden truths.
  Members of the guild are driven by an insatiable pursuit for fortune, ancient knowledge and the thrill of exploring uncharted territories. Holding a set of core beliefs and pragmatic values that guide their actions, prioritizing profitable contracts over blind loyalty, while holding a deep reverence for relics and artifacts they seek. viewing their retrieval as a means to uncovering profound knowledge and power they are keen to research and harness. Fostering a rich traditional of exploration and discovery, the guild honours those who paved the way before them, celebrating the audacious act of venturing into uncharted territories.   Often exploiting allegiances and holding very little loyalty to external forces, prioritising the success and well-being of the guild above personal interests and fostering a sense of camaraderie and mutual support among its members. Experienced members mentor novices, passing down their wisdom and ensuring the preservation of their craft. Trust is typically earned through demonstrated skill, reliability, and the ability to deliver tangible results. Adaptability and resourcefulness are highly valued virtues within the guild. Members are encouraged to think swiftly and creatively, employing innovative solutions to overcome obstacles and outsmart adversaries. They embrace calculated risks, understanding that great rewards often accompany perilous ventures into the unknown.   While this sense of camaraderie is encouraged to bind members together, individual ambitions and internal rivalries have been known to undermine the syndicates ambition from time to time. Blinding greed, hubris and personal vendettas can have the direst of consequences for both the guild as a whole and its members. In fact, this has been known to drive several members to act against their own best interests, or even betray their fellow guildmates. The consequences for such individuals are typically dire and usually involve significant monetary fines or worse, often being hunted down and eliminated.

Guild Laws

  The syndicate operates under a set of laws that govern the conduct and behaviour of its members. These laws serve as a framework to maintain order, ensure unity, and uphold the reputation and integrity of the guild within the Ithen'drels;   Loyalty to the Guild: The interests of the Relic Acquisition Syndicate are paramount, and members are expected to prioritize the success and well-being of the guild above personal gain or external influences.   Confidentiality: Members are required to maintain strict confidentiality regarding guild operations, client contracts, and any classified knowledge acquired during their endeavors. Breaching this trust is considered a severe offense.   Professionalism: The members of the Syndicate are expected to conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism in all their dealings. This includes adhering to agreed-upon terms of contracts, maintaining a respectful demeanour towards clients and fellow members, and representing the guild in a positive light.   Relic Preservation: The guild holds a deep respect for relics, artifacts, and ancient knowledge. Members are obligated to treat these items with care, preserving their integrity and historical value. Theft, vandalism, or misuse of relics is strictly forbidden.   Non-Disclosure of Abyss Research: Members are expressly forbidden from discussing or revealing any information related to the guild's explorations, findings, or activities to outsiders.   Dispute Resolution: Members are encouraged to resolve conflicts through dialogue, mediation, or, if necessary, the intervention of higher-ranking members.   Non-Interference in Guild Matters: Members are prohibited from interfering in the internal affairs of other guild members without just cause. Respect for the autonomy and decision-making authority of fellow members is essential to maintain harmony within the guild.  
Violation of these binding laws may result in disciplinary actions, ranging from warnings and fines to temporary suspension or expulsion from the guild, depending on the severity of the offense. The laws are designed to ensure that members of The Relic Acquisition Syndicate uphold the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and dedication to the guild's objectives.

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