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The remnants of an ancient society that revolved around the pursuit of magic, wealth and pleasure.

These Jhera, are a lively and welcoming sort, as Dral'azie go. But don't let that fool you. For all the while they bewitch and beguile you with their honeyed words, they plot to rob you of everything you own and sell you into bondage for the trouble.
— Author
In the perpetual gloom of the underworld, the flamboyant flair of the desert flowers of Zhennu'janai have bloomed undaunted by the darkness and their long and sordid history. Believed to be one of the first Dral'azie cultures that developed in the underworld. Predating the emergence of Tra'vanor and other migrations into the underworld by their Aelfaune ancestors. It is possible that like the Phyraxgians, the Jera'viaan might be one of last surviving ancient cultures of the old-world. Whereas the rest of their Dral'azie kin developed societies in the sunless realms that aesthetically reflect the gloomy and grim demeanour of their surroundings. The Jhera'viaan are a bright, mystical and vibrant people that have kept the fire of their Threylican culture alive.   Despite their mysterious and vivacious demeanour, possessing a rich culture with centres of high learning, over the centuries, their civilisation has eroded and descending into decadence, acclaiming them a reputation for deviousness and thievery. Openly hedonistic and centralised primarily around pursuits of personal gain such as pleasure, artistry and the arcane arts. While in many aspects theirs is a culture of avarice, creating a society of thieves, kidnappers, extortionists, prostitutes, and sorcerers is too simplistic of an assertion to make of the Jhera'viaan as a whole.  
The opulent Ithen'drel of Zhennu'janai, nestled in the dry rocky mountains above the searing sands and wastes of the inhospitable Djsa'taresh underdesert, is well-known as a city of magic, thieves, and debauchery and a bastion of Jhera'viaan culture. When one thinks about the people of Zhennu'janai, these three distinguishing characteristics spring to mind. The Jheras' intrinsic magical capacity pervades every part of their life, much beyond that of other cultures. While mastery of the mystic arts has provided them with unrivalled knowledge and power over the millennia, it has also been a source of disaster, suffocating them both socially and economically, resulting in a rise of elitism among the nobility and highborn classes. Members of the lower castes engage in criminal activity in the city or banditry in the dunes. The infamous Zhennu'janai thieves can be found in the lower district's dark alleyways and shady taverns. Jera'viaan are among the greatest thieves, unrivalled in their craft and highly valued by their employers, and they are well-known for never betraying their employers when hired to steal. This has little to do with honour; rather, the Jera'viaan have realised that a certain level of faithfulness is just excellent business.
by Heilyaens

Society and Culture

The Jhera'viaan see themselves as the last stronghold of old world civilisation and culture. The consolidation of magic, the accumulation of money, and the pursuit of pleasure are all central themes. Jhera'vian society is one of ambition, in which wealth is cherished and sought after in order to achieve a degree of comfort in which a person does not have to work hard at anything she or he does not want to do. In other words, Jhera'viaans labour until they are wealthy and no longer need to work for a living. The lifestyle of the idle affluent is the ultimate objective of Jhera'vian society's lowest strata. Having a proclivity for egoism and hedonism, preferring enjoyable pursuits above suffering and discomfort, which is despised and must be avoided if possible. Pleasure has become a gauge of what is good, decent, and useful to many people in Jhera'vian society. Even a Jheras' pursuit of wealth and arcane knowledge reflects this inherent hedonism, since power and position are viewed as life's greatest pleasures. The majority of Jhera'vian feel that the greatest way to deal with desire and vice is to give in to them, to fulfil their every want.   Magic is a common component of Jhera'vian society, and it goes well beyond obtaining old wisdom or a better understanding of the arcane arts. Many Jhera'viaan are closely associated with consorting with Djinn or establishing forbidden pacts with demonic entities in order to increase their magical potential or solidify their lineage. Magic's most renowned wielders gain experience and influence, are granted higher social rank, and frequently manoeuvre themselves into positions of power and authority with minimal effort.


  Jhera'viaan attire is loose-fitting and airy for comfort, but the garment one wears depends solely on one's income and social status.   Many old Threylican qualities and rituals have survived in Jhera'vian society, which emerged again in the underworld. Large precious stones adorn their foreheads or serve as centrepieces on their attire, known for their vibrant colour palettes and garish gold jewellery, set against dark coloured accents.
by AstarothArcaine


The history of Jhera'viaan culture can be traced back to the ending of the first age, After the devastation of the Cataclysmic events of the sundering, the remnants of the Threylicans, broken and defeated, fled like many of the Dral'azies ancestors whom had taken the side of the Aulrethian cause, into the depths of the underworld to escape the curse of abolition.


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