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Il'ron'dii Belvorien - Great House Belvorien

An ancient and venerable Bloodline, House Belvorian are renowned for their bright and vibrant culture and unmatched prowess in elemental magic, particularly pyromancy. Legends dating back to their ancient home of Threylica tell of their ancestors cavorting with Djinn to bear children proficient in magic. Supporting the Belvorian claim that it can trace it’s bloodline back to the elemental planes of the primordial world. Their brilliant crimson hair became a district hallmark of this magical latency, and has refused to wane in the darkness of the underworld. A testament to this lineage.    The Belvorians are currently embroiled in a bitter power vacuum between the Ithicess Jaal’rhun Zhennu’Belvorian, and the lesser nobles that follow the headmistress of Ilinerva Belvorian who refuse the enforce not of the infamous “Jaal’rhun accord”.


A House Divided;     The Political Divide;   The Belvorians is currently divided between two clear political parties; The Belvorians that follow the Ithacess Jaal'rhun Zhennu'Belvorian, and the Belvorian enclave of Bel'vanion'dol in Rie'shae, that refuse the enforcement of the "Jaal'rhun" accord. The result has create a prominent power vacuum in the house between Ithicess and the lesser nobility headed by Bel'vanion'dols headmistress Ilinerva Belvorian.   The Class Divide;   Higher and lower bloodlines are kept separate, any lower noble that reproduces an exceptional and gifted child in the magical arts is taken from the lower family and raised as a greater noble. The lower part of the families memories of the child are wiped so this cannot be used for political gain. As such the lower order of the house isn't even aware this practice is taking place. The child will be assigned to a female as their governess by the Ithicess, it will be their duty and responsibility and raise and educate the child, having it assessed every year to ensure its development is going as expected and whether the governess is performing satisfactory in her duties.


House Belvorien is one of the Old venerable bloodline in the sunless realms, finding its roots back to the ancient Kings of Threylica, the Elysion Imperium and the dark days of the Sundering. The house is renowned for their unmatched prowess with elemental magic, particularly pyromancy. Legend's dating back to the times of ancient Threylica tell of the Belvorians cavorting with Djinn, bearing children proficient in elemental magic. This supports many Belvorians claims that their families bloodline traces back to the elemental planes of fire of the primordial world, resulting in any spell cast by its members to manifest as flames. Their brilliant crimson hair became the distinct hallmark of this magical latency. This fiery red hair has refused to wane even in the darkness of the underworld, a testament to that lineage. However, as venerable as this house is, it has a long and sworded history, woven in a tapestry of tragedy and betrayal. Leading the rulers of Therylica at the pinnacle of a golden age, to fall further than any other Dral'azie bloodline would have.   The Destruction of the Isle of Therylica during the Sundering and the jewel of the inner sea that was the city of magic; Jhera. Led the Belvorian, like all of the Aelfaune creeds that would become the Dral'azie to flee into the depths of the underworld. What happened in the great exodus and the decent down is very hazy, as it is with all of the Dral'azie great houses and creeds. But, the Belvorian nobility that led it's people and servants downward eventually established the city of Zhennu'janai upon the great overlook that bathed in the darkened light of the stolen sun. Later others of their line would set up set up roots in Rie'shae, adopting the ruined hold of one of the noble houses the Gani'orell had deposed of many moons ago, which would eventually become the walled institute of Bel'vanion'dol and a Belvorian stronghold.   Zhennu'janai was a city that the Belvorians did not strictly establish by themselves, as the histories would have many believe. There was already large numbers of Threylican refugees here, as well as a large number of other dispossessed Aelfaune peoples and smaller houses that fled in the wake of the sundering, loosely held together by a makeshift council to prevent the squabbling nobles form seizing power over this new Settlement. They had fled here much earlier, and the Belvorians had merely followed in their wake. When the Belvorians arrived they almost immediately overthrew this ruling council of Zhennu'janai and establishing themselves as rulers. The only obstacle they faced was the growing and powerful Tiefling house that had also sought shelter here with many of their kind who had also fled the overworld for very different reasons. This would lead to centuries bitter infighting over as the city was established and constructed. Eventually a truce was made to turn the city into a diarchy between the two houses with a reformed council to soothe for peace when the two powers came to an impasse. Centuries of this power dynamic would later come to an end in the infamous Jaal'rhun accord.

Granted Divine Powers

Red hair with white stripe;   The white widow streak among the crimson of a Belvorian is a sign of a rather dire magic legacy in their lineage, this curse comes from an affliction their blood suffered during the days of the cadence, a taint and a curse. Seeking power to rival the growing magical prowess of their advisories some of their number sought out pacts with Demons, performing dark rituals and offering up sacrifices for the infernal powers. Eventually, the Goddess of Chaos herself answered their call, offering the power in exchange for the eternal servitude of their immortal souls and those of all their descendent. Those that conceded to these terms were given the infernal chaos magic. A brand that has cursed the Belvorians ever since, those born with a white streak are a symbol of that eternal shame, marked for their souls to forever belong to Melanthyus.
Geopolitical, Great house
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