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Il'ron'dii Arcaine - Great House Arcaine

House Arcaine is a stalwart and pious bloodline of religious militants, fulfilling their own ambition in the Abyss mothers name. Their society and culture is a militaristic one, heavily based around the worship of Aulreth, this veneration of the goddess has led them to be aggressive, explanations, wrathful and cruel. Considered to be the youngest of the great houses, house Arcaine quickly rose to prominence, rightly feared and resented throughout the sunless realms. To others the Archadians come across crude and belligerent people, preferring to instil fear into the hearts of any would-be rival or potential dissidence. Now with Lenith Vaul'Urithair, an imperial princess of Urithair blood as Matriarch of the house, they are formidable power. Taking a far more aggressive expansionist ethos over the last few decades that has increasingly risen concern among the other Il’ron’dii.

History of the Arcadians

Unlike countless upstart houses that have risen only to fall, derived from thin-blooded nobility and overly ambitions merchant clans. The Archadians blood harkens back to the days of the sundering. They had once been a military arm of the Temple during the sundering, later becoming an independent arm of Templar founded by the legendary warrior priestess Myistra Arcaine, dedicated to the cause of perpetual crusade against the enemies of the Dark Goddess Aulreth. This self-afflicted punishment was to atone for what they saw as their failure during that great conflict. When the unification of the sunless realms began, the temple sent word to recall them to bolster its waning military might. Born amidst this power struggle between the great houses of Itholren and Urithair, the Arcadians stood as the bulwark between the two great powers.   Centuries of ceaseless fighting, warmongering, perpetual crusading and conquest have earned the Archadian warrior caste infamy. Feared and respected throughout the Sunless Realms, Archadians live in a state of self-redemption; each one believing they need to be redeemed in the eyes of the goddess for the failures of their ancestors. Until they find this redemption, they do not truly feel at peace. To the Arcaine, failure is not an option. Their training is harsh and cruel, taking increasingly ruthless measures to ensure their soldiery never wavers or buckles, remaining loyal when faced with failure. All the while unquestionably following the orders of their ennobled leaders on high, utilising the religious fervour of the seven signs to further entrench their loyalty.

Foreign Relations

Blood and Iron, tempered in the fires of faith.

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