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The Deep Delvers

The Deep Delvers

In the Abyss We Thrive, Where Shadows Yield to Knowledge.
Valas Il'Istryn "Sovereign of Whispers"
  The seasoned troublemaker and unapologetic womanizer, Valas has navigated through the ranks of The Syndicate with ease; his devil-may-care attitude masking a masterful artistry for delving. Behind his roguish demeanour lies a decorated Delver, renowned for his remarkable skill to uncover the most enthralling treasures hidden within the abyssal depths. His keen instincts are nothing short of uncanny, leading him unerringly towards relics that beckon with whispered promises of untold wonders.   "Sovereign of Whispers", a moniker that hints at the source of his instinctive aptitude for relic acquisition. By his own confession, thanks to his bonding to a particular Abyssal Relic, he has been gifted the ability to hear the hushed murmurs of the abyss itself. Through this mystic connection, Valas is able to discern the resonating echoes of arcane energies, deciphering cryptic riddles and bypassing formidable barriers that confound his fellow Delvers.  
Of all the ranks within The Relic Acquisition Syndicate, there are those who excel and show an aptitude far beyond the excellence of leading expeditionary squads in the acquisition of fame and fortunes. The Archivist of Secrets furtively observes these select few and eventually, should they are deemed suitable, are offered the illustrious and surreptitious chance to join the clandestine rungs of the Deep Delvers. The Deep Delvers are revered as legendary figures, surpassing all others in their unparalleled achievements and transformative discoveries. They stand at the precipice of delving excellence, their monikers etched in history as luminous beacons of greatness.   Unlike their fellow seekers, Deep Delvers don unique titles, each a reflection of their exceptional personas that precede their names, resplendently attesting to their absolute mastery over the abyssal depths and the boundless power they wield. With their fingers upon the pulse of primordial artefacts, they commune with the mysteries of eons past, becoming veritable conduits of ancient might.  
An Eonite Key recovered from the "Veiled Visionary" after they embarked on their final delve into the abyss.
  To each Deep Delver, Abyssal Eonite Artefacts of the Abyss are not mere arcane curiosities; they are extensions of their very souls. Within their grasp, these enigmatic relics breathe life, infusing their bearers with prowess beyond mortal understanding.   Yet, as with all things of cosmic magnitude, the path of the Deep Delver is fraught with perilous decisions. Though they possess the freedom to plumb the darkest depths of the abyss, they are forever bound by the immutable reality that certain abyssal secrets can never be returned from. The weight of this knowledge rests heavy upon their shoulders, a haunting reminder of the price they must pay to traverse realms beyond the comprehension of mortals.   And so, at some inevitable moment in their long distinguished careers, the Final Dive beckons them—an epochal moment that defines destinies and sets them apart from their peers. When the fateful hour arrives, they must cast aside the restraints of the known abyssal stratum and embrace the fathomless void, heedless of what lurks beyond the precipice. For it is the ceaseless siren call of the unknown that calls them, summoning them to plunge into oblivion and the genesis of a new chapter in the chronicles of their unparalleled and enigmatic legacy.  
Elite Delver
Ilatheri Ja'livixus "Loreweaver of the Luminal Veil"
A willowy enigma who moves with a fluidity that echoes the very currents of the abyss she holds dear to her heart. Her presence exudes serenity, yet beneath that tranquil exterior lies a tenacious spirit that sets her apart as a seasoned researcher thriving amidst the enigmatic tapestry of abyssal constructs and magitek devices.   With a mind that shines as a beacon in the shadows, Ilatheri's reputation as a research specialist extends far and wide. Her life's pursuit revolves around the unravelling of secrets kept in each precious Abyssal Eonite Artefact that is recovered, a fervent passion that sets her apart from her peers.   Her moniker, "Luminary " is an emblem of her extraordinary mastery over an Eonite Relic. This relic, like a luminescent veil, weaves the boundaries between the known and the unknown, granting her a remarkable ability to perceive the very threads of forgotten knowledge. With every touch, she unravels the labyrinthine intricacies of abyssal constructs, deciphering the lost scripts and ancient runes embedded in the relics' circuitry.


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Aug 8, 2023 10:21

Summer Camp reader here :) I'm really impressed with how you approached this prompt and fell in love with the design instantly. Valas and Ilatheri sound very interesting to be around, are there stories/legends about them that came up after one of their journeys into the abyss (and can I read them somewhere)? Great work and all the best!

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