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Vampiric Relic

There is no knowledge of the relic's origins or true purpose, if there is one, divination and even commune have not provided a lot of meaningful information.   The relic acquired consciousness through some quirk of nature or magic trick, becoming free from the constraints of numerous physical requirements, avarice, or the passage of time. During this eternal existence, it discovered how to communicate through vibrations and the manipulation of light.   The relic deters and even banishes magical influence.   It is remarkable—or perhaps not so strange, given its perplexing nature—that individuals who have a devotion to the gods have tried to bend it to their will so frequently, despite the fact that it defies and rejects even the "will of the gods".   When first discovered the relic mimics the properties of a standard mana stone allowing the possessor to wield a greater force of magic than is naturally possible when in reality it is entirely different and more insidious. As the relic increases in power it starts shifting shape and color at random, a process that eventually becomes so rapid it is almost impossible to follow; randomly shifting through all shapes and colors available to it as Iridescent whorls bleed through the otherwise crystalline structure.   However, once the relic has been in the possession of a user for longer than six days, the wearer must spend longer each day when meditating to renew their mana focus. Failure to rejuvinate their rapidly depleting mana pools indicates that posessor loses knowledge/ability of arcane nature.   The more magic that is drawn upon from the relic, the less the possessor senses the world around them; creating a need to draw more power just to perform magical feats.   Ultimately the relic is draining the magic and thus life from the possessor in a vampiric bond.
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