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Glorthmiirs Bank

Glorthmiirs Bank stands as an enduring relic of the past, a testament to the tenacity and wealth of the Dwarin people. With its roots dating back to the ancient Dwarin Empire, the bank has thrived even after the fall of its once mighty civilization. Situated at the heart of the Dwarin strongholds in the central mountains of Illaria, Glorthmiirs Bank has become the epitome of financial power and trust, a behemoth that spans the depths of the earth.  
Pillars of Glorthmiirs Bank
  Unrivaled Wealth: Glorthmiirs Bank holds vast sums of money, making it the wealthiest institution in the known world. Throughout the centuries, it has amassed incredible fortunes, making it a formidable force in the realm of finance. It serves as the primary source of loans for various kingdoms and individuals, making it a key player in shaping the economic landscape.   Trust and Security: The bank's reputation for unwavering trust and unyielding security precedes it. Dwarin society values steadfastness and reliability, and these qualities are reflected in every aspect of the bank's operations. Whether lending money or safeguarding valuables, Glorthmiirs Bank ensures that its clients' assets are kept under lock and key, impervious to external threats.   Stewardship of the Past: Glorthmiirs Bank's existence serves as a reminder of the ancient Dwarin Empire's grandeur and achievements. The bank considers itself a guardian of the past, preserving the Dwarin heritage and artifacts within its massive storehouses and holds. As a result, the bank attracts scholars, historians, and adventurers seeking to unlock the secrets of the Dwarin's ancient glory.  

Earth Magic and Protection

  Drawing on their connection to the elements of earth and fire, Dwarin employ ancient runes and earth magic to protect the bank's holdings and to keep its secrets concealed. The Dwarin stone whisperers and stone shapers imbue the bank's structures with magical wards that repel malicious forces and intruders, ensuring that the bank remains a sanctuary of stability and strength.  

Dwarin Culture and Trade Links

  While the Dwarin traditionally disdain human craftsmanship, recognizing the value of their own creations, they have established important trade links with humanity. Glorthmiirs Bank acts as a bridge between the Dwarin Kingdoms Beneath the mountain and the surface world. The bank facilitates trade, enabling the acquisition of materials and resources not readily available within the mountain halls.   In conclusion, Glorthmiirs Bank stands as an enduring monument to the Dwarin's enduring spirit, unwavering trust, and steadfastness. Through its vast wealth, unyielding protection, and connection to ancient magic, the bank remains an indispensable institution in the known world, continuing to shape the economic and historical landscapes long after the fall of the Dwarin Empire.
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Origins of Glorthmiirs Bank

  According to the Dwarin Genesis myth, the Dwarin people trace their origins to the stone and the Fae of the earth, not descending from giants as some might think. As beings born from the primordial elements, Dwarin possess an inherent connection to the earth and fire, attuned to ancient runes that grant them the ability to manipulate stone and wield earth magic.   Amidst their warrior culture and pride in being stalwart defenders of their holds, the Dwarin realized the importance of safeguarding their wealth and riches, for both practical and symbolic reasons. Thus, Glorthmiirs Bank was established, emerging from the bedrock like a monument of enduring stone, unyielding to the tests of time.

The recent break-ins to a number of vaults in Glorthmiirs bank have been firmly blamed upon the Relic hunters due to the nature of the items which were stolen. Such brazen raids have led to Glorthmiirs placing hefty bounties on the heads of any member of the Syndicate brought to them for interrogation.


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