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Communicating with the Xalnans is easier than we first thought.
— Verti

Verti was known in life and death.

In life he became known as the one to establish communication with the Xalnans and to decipher their language and making detailed notes about their culture.

His death was a tragic event. When he was travelling through the Xalnan capitol Gintha he asked to take a drink from a well. He was granted permission, but after putting his tome away tripped and fell into the well.

People tried to throw in a rope and speak with Verti, but when no response came a man climbed down and could only say that Verti was dead. The corpse was taken out shortly thereafter.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Verti always carried a tome with him as well as the tools to write down information at a moments notice.

Personality Characteristics


Learning new things about the world he lived was always his goal. When Xalnans first established contact Verti realised that they were a fantastic source of great amounts of knowledge that was way easier to access that trying to research new technologies.



Verti could talk with great eloquence, but also had a tendency to talk with an ever increasing speed. This made it difficult to listen to him for a long time if you were a Veniran, but the Xalnan language is faster. This made Xalnans very positive when talking with him, because they would normally become frustrated with the Venirans slow speech.

Known Languages
As with all Venirans, Verti learned Venna as a child.
Verti was the first to learn the Xalnan language.
Character Prototype

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