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I've lived surrounded by them for weeks, and I still feel uneasy with them around even when there should be no reason for it. It might be their gait, their look or their way of talking. I just don't know.
— Rurid prisoner of war

Basic Information


The Venira differ the most anatomically compared with the other sapient species. Similarities include being bipedal with two arms.

Venira have evolved towards being digitigrade, but are not fully there. This means that they generally stand fully planted and walk or run on their digits. The toes are wider than on hoomans and more pad-like, allowing for great speed across soft surfaces, like sand. The supporting muscular system is well suited for long-distance running.

Ecology and Habitats

Due to evolutionary adaptions the Venira are well suited for dry environments with widely varying temperatures. For this reason the Venira are situated in and around Karra as well as the Halalan mountains and to a lesser extent in the region connecting them, the Green Hills.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The most common food items are cultivated fungi, as detailed in the book Fungal Foods, or various plants and fruits. Meat is generally not consumed due to the difficulty of cultivating livestock in the desert and on mountains. Their stomachs are able to process meats as long as it is cooked.

Civilization and Culture

Major Organizations

The government for all Venira are the Ven'Ir .

Major Language Groups and Dialects

The language spoken is Venna, with a dwindling few learning Alni, most of whom did it in order to understand historical xalnan documents.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Due tohostilities during the War of Misunderstanding, relations can still be a bit strenuous, especially in former Xalnan areas.

40 years ( LEB ) ; max. ~100 years
Average Height
1,9 - 2,3 metres
Average Weight
75 - 120 kg
Related Myths

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