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Green Hills

Please take no offence when I say that this land is better for my aching bones than the mountains of Halalan.
Ashur II


The Green Hills are situated below the mountains of Halalan where they act as the boundary area bewteen the mountains and the desert Karra.

The rolling hills are supplied with water by the many small streams coming down from the mountains and the occasional rainfall.

One thing to look out for are small caves and cave systems scattered about, the origin of which is still debated.

Fauna & Flora

The hills are generally covered in plants and is one of the few locations south of the northern jungles where plant life is plentiful.

One of the downsides is that animals are also more plentiful, which is a bit of a hazard for those living in the area. None of the animals are domesticated other than Lurkogia, which are not native to the area.

Natural Resources

One of the most important plants in the area is a type of bush which can be cut and dried in order to form the basis for Shimmerweave, which is the greatest export from the region.

Another thing is a small mine near the town of Nale, thanks to which the town has become known for it's metal work and weaving machines.

The mine only produces little metal, but what comes out of it is very pure, requiring only little purification.

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