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A normal day in Karra consists of sand as far as the yes can see, no clouds in the sky and with the sun burning from above.
Frelk, a currier

Venirans have adopted really well to two types of environments, mountains and deserts. There is no desert larger or hotter than the desert of Karra.


Karra is located to the north of the Green Hills and the Halalan mountains.

This sand desert consists of very large dunes, making it very difficult to navigate through. During the day it is easiest to navigate using the Helica patterns as guides and the stars during the night, but both require knowledge and experience to do accurately, and mistakes can be fatal.

There are some smaller wells and oasis. The largest city in the area, Dros Viviane, is located next to the largest oasis and it acts as a trading hub and cultural centre of the desert.

Fauna & Flora

Karra is well known for being the home to Helica, a cactus useful for navigation and some medicinal purpose as well.

the animals living in the dunes should be avoided if possible since almost all of them are toxic in some way and aggressive if approached.

Natural Resources

Water is considered the most important thing in the desert. As such it is forbidden to prevent or withhold access to water and making the water of wells undrinkable will result in swift and severe punishment.

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