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The old and wise.

The Ven'Ir are those who govern Venira. They act as both the legislature and the judicative, but are not responsible for enforcing the law. This is done by a different group.


The three oldest in any given village, town or city are automatically the Ven'Ir of that settlement. Larger towns have more Ven'Ir than smaller ones, with the highest being in Lenia where there are 19 Ven'Ir.

Once in office the position of Ven'Ir is for life, which is usually a few years, but a Ven'Ir can also step down willingly before that as well.


The towns Ven'Ir meet up at least once per month in order to discuss what has happened in the settlement and if changes to the local law should be made in order to solve a problem or preemptively act. The meetings usually happen more often in order to solve disputes or to judge criminals. These types of meetings are called Ven'Ir conclaves.


Twice per year the Ven'Ir in a settlement vote for one of them to go to the biannual Ven'Ir council. The Ven'Ir council is a regional event that is meant to be a time where matters and laws can be brought fourth that are so important that they affect the entire region. A region is commonly set by the type of biome or by the ease by which one can get to regional centres. The centres are usually determined by the town or city size, so Lenia in Halalan, Nale in the Green Hills or Dros Viviane in Karra.


In the winter council five people per region are voted in to act as representatives in the Ven'Ir congress. The congress starts 30 days after the winter councils ends in order to give everyone time to get back to their home settlement to inform the population about what occurred during the council and to give them time to travel to the Veniran capitol, Lenia.

The congress lasts for 45 days and concerns itself with matters of nationwide importance and making laws that apply in all Veniran lands.

Both the council and the congress can be called in earlier if there is something that needs immediate attention on that level.


It is possible for the population to depose a Ven'Ir by gathering the support of two tenths of the settlements population in order to call in a vote. If that happens the entire town will vote after ten days to figure out what should happen. During this time the Ven'Ir in question may not be in office and must instead defend themselves against the reasoning behind the vote.

This is an uncommon occurrence and the reasoning behind the votes is usually some form of mental illness which prevents wise decision making.

The population can also overturn any decision the Conclave makes in the same fashion. Overturning a decision of a council requires the support of two tenths of the regions population in order to call in a vote where the entire region votes, and in a similar fashion the congress can have a decision overturned if a national vote is called by two tenths of the population in the nation.

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