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I like this place. The centre of progress.
Ashur II


Nale is has the largest proportion of Xalnans of any settlement south of the grate plains, but the dominant species is still Veniran.


As with all settlements in Venira Nale is run by the Ven'Ir, and they are responsible for laws and judgement, as well as taxation in order to pay for law enforcement and other institutions.


Most of the defences are designed to protect against wild animals and to redirect animals migrating to take a route around the town.

Industry & Trade

Thanks to the small metal mine nearby Nale started to attract metal workers. Eventually it became the place where engineering and industry took off.

Due to the growth the weaving of Shimmerweave also migrated. This created a feedback loop where the tinkerers created better weaving machines and so more of the weavers moved to Nale.

Guilds and Factions

While not an extensive explanation of the complex, interlinked factions, a simple overview is that there is the Shimmerweave industry and the metalwork and the wood workers in the background.

Each one has a complex relationship with each other and each industry has a lot of smaller sub-factions with slightly differing goals. The Ven'Ir are of course overseeing the operation, making sure that everyone is acting responsibly.

Natural Resources

As with all settlements in the Green Hills, Nale has great access to the reeds used to make Shimmerweave and also various types of wood.

What makes Nale different is that there is a small metal mine nearby from which almost pure metal can be excavated.

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