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It's the best, as long as you don't want something waterproof.


Material Characteristics

As the name would suggest, shimmerweave is a type of textile which glimmers and glitters if exposed to sunlight. it is not an extreme effect, but it is obvious at close range.

One of the main benefits of the material is that air can easily get through, but only very little light, making it ideal for clothing in deserts.

High quality shimmerweave can be recognised by its colour which is white compared to light grey.

Origin & Source

The textile is woven in the Green Hills. The string used is spun from dried and cut plant fibres which exclusively grow in that region.

As the plant dries does it get the characteristic light grey colour and glittering effect.

History & Usage


As far as anyone can discern the discovery was an accident where dry plant material was woven and someone realised that its properties was pretty good for a textile.

After this it was a case of optimising the extraction and ways to weave.

Everyday use

Thanks to the availability shimmerweave is extensively used in textiles for clothing, with the exception of clothing for rain or humid areas.


Trade & Market

Shimmerweave is widely available at reasonable prices and sold worldwide with it being exported from the Green Hills to the rest, but with the majority going to Karra and only very little to the jungles of the north.


The main thing to remember is to keep it dry lest it deteriorate. If it is exposed to moisture for longer periods of time the colour turns darker and stops glittering.

If that happens the strength of the material is lost and is likely to fall apart under low strain.

Low to moderate
light grey

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