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Hall of Remembrance

When life becomes hectic you need to remember to slow down.

Purpose / Function

Built on the ruins of Ephey, the Hall of Remembrance was designed to remind everyone coming to the area that the old city was destroyed, as well as providing information about what happened and to give the population a place where one can take a deep breath and calm down.

Furthermore, each year a ceremony is held in the Hall to bring people in to learn about the times of war as well as to show them that moments of silence are a great way to stop and think.


The Hall is unusual because of the fact that it was constructed by the Venira, but a great effort has been taken to make it appear in the style used by Xalnan temples and other ceremonial buildings.

It is shaped like a hexagon with the circumradius of 30 metres with walls made of stone. The walls are about six metres high and the roof on top reaches 9 metres.

The internal space consists of a single hall with the walls adorned with tapestries and plaques depicting and describing the events that led to the destruction of Ephey.

In the centre space are pillars covered in soft materials like Shimmerweave which makes the place very quiet. Some say you can hear you heartbeat and if not you'll hear the silence of the dead.


During the War of Misunderstanding the first of the great war machines Sanguineous Resolve was constructed. Shortly thereafter it was used to besiege and lay waste to the town of Ephey.

Only rubble remained and everyone in the town died as a result.

When the story spread through Venira the shock caused most to feel grief and anguish, for while it was war, death and destruction was not the way of the old and wise.

In order to honour those who died and to make sure that the city was never forgotten the Hall of Remembrance was constructed on top of the town centre.

Memorial / War Memorial
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