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Ah, there it is. I like to call that patch the Lurkogia because it looks like one.
— Merchant going to Dros Viviane

Basic Information


This cactus grows as if it would follow the threads of a screw. The distance between the "threads" is large enough that the so called "stem", i.e. the body of the cactus, is about it's own width away from the next.

Genetics and Reproduction

If it rains the Helica develop flowers of a brilliant red along the outside of the screw which last for about three days.

Observers have noted a large number of insect swarms buzzing around the flowers which moves between Helica plants and are therefore believed to be a big part of the reproductive cycle.

After the flowers wilt it takes between four and five more days for a small green fruit to form, after which it quickly pops open, distributing a fine white seed powder to be transported by the wind.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Because Helica are spread fairly evenly throughout the desert, local patterns are used as navigation.

One recent finding has been that if one takes the spore ball before it pops and boils it in hot water for a few hours and then opens it up the powder turns into a very viscus, white liquid which is an extreme laxative. It is unknown who found this out.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

The Helica can only be found in the desert of Karra, mostly away from water sources on top of dunes.
65 years
Conservation Status

Due to the usefulness for desert travellers the Helica are left alone, but there are no official conservation efforts in operation.

Average Height
1 - 2 metres

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