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Slow, but calm, reliable and easy to nurse back to health.
— Redmund

Venira didn't have a proper pack animal for a very long time. By proper is an animal that could survive all of the many dangerous environments that the Venira like, such as mountains and deserts.

That ended when the Xalnans introduced the Lurkogia to the Venira during the golden age. Lurkogia turned out to be able to adapt to the desert and the mountains, assuming the roads were large enough to allow them to get up.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Lurkogia mate and lay eggs about once every two years and they lay about 10 eggs the size of two fists each time. Due to the eggs needing warm and humid environments to hatch and also for the young to grow up, the northern jungles have been used as the place where Lurkogias are being bred.

Ecology and Habitats

Given a few days to adapt the Lurkogia can survive almost every climate for a few years before they need to return to the jungles in order to recover.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Lurkogia prefer fresh meat, but can also live on a omnivorous diet.

If one of these lizards is found in the desert it can also be fed with hey or dried meat, the latter being the preferred method due to the easier transportation. another option is to feed them well before, as they can go without food for about a week at a time without ill effects.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The Lurkogia are not well known for their sight, but very well known for their good sense of smell. Some have tried to use them as guards, but they are too docile to be effective.

25 years
Average Height
1 - 1.5 meters
Average Length
10 metres

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Author's Notes

I'm not very good at describing anatomy, so for visualisation you can think of it a a large komodo dragon where the skin on it's top side (back, top of head and tail) has been replaced by hardened plates which can adapt in colour depending on it's environment.

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