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Lit. "Old tongue"

Hmmm, I think I would describe our language as slow, but very dense in information.

Venna is the language spoken for centuries by the Venirans. over that time it has only recently changed quickly. The recent change is due to the integration of Xalnan culture after the War of Misunderstanding.

Most of the changes come in the form of new words to describe them and their culture. The words are often just imported directly in oral communication, but changed to fit with the written language of Venna.

Geographical Distribution

The language is spoken in all of venira, including the former Xalnan territories, which can be extrapolated to mean Sharas. In these former Xalnan lands the language only became a normal part of culture after the War of Misunderstanding because it made it much easier to trade and advance in status among venirans.

Common Phrases
Spread your wings
An encouragement or command to let go of fear and take the first step to realise ones dreams. This is done by comparing the arms to bird wings. Birds because they fly high in the sky.
Spiralling out of control
Someone walking around lost in the desert because they misinterpreted Helica patterns. The phrase comes from the spiral shape of the plant.
Path of roses
A path leading to death. It comes from the story of the Crown Duel, referencing the roses surrounding the path in the rose garden where the duel took place.

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