Alquin Geir

The sharpest mind in all of Culvingarrd

Alquin Geir (a.k.a. "The Brains")


  Alquin was the 4th born son and 9th born child to a grain farm in southern Worheim. His parents offered him as a tribute to the Pantheon of Irial, the place of worship and knowledge. There he would train in the arts of language and medicine. He would become a new member of the Saints of Irial, the holy group devoted to knowledge and their Magnate of Ice Irial.  

Training at the Pantheon:

  Alquin quickly took hold of his new environment and began reading every text he could get his hand on. He learned near every language in the known world while studying various texts from other cultures and backgrounds. His specialties include Tundra Medicine, Magical Properties in Gemstones, and the cultivation of mushrooms. With the drive Alquin possessed he quickly grew in the ranks and became a head member of the saints of Irial well before his 30th year.  

Serving the King:

  Before the war broke out Alquin was a favorite council member to the king and lords alike of Worheim. He had grown an excellent reputation as one of the smartest dwarves in all of Worheim. In the kingdom of Culvingarrd, he was referred to as the brains of the nation. He was tasked with traveling alongside the king as his trusted advisor.  

Outstanding Accomplishments:

  The Gemstone Lanterns: Alquin provided the kingdom with a fantastic new light source that helped the entire realm. The gemstones lanterns were placed in homes, along thoroughfares, and all through the castles. The gemstones were perfect at providing a much-needed light in the evening and winter months.   Studies on Magical Gemstones: He also began studying the properties of the magical gemstones that can be found around Magmoia. He created a text that covered most of the gems, their properties, and any possible healing powers that they might have.   Cultivating Mushrooms:On a lighter side of his studies, Alquin was very interested in the Fungus and Molds that seemed to thrive everywhere in the world. He was known to grow different types of Fungus on pieces of bread in his quarters.  

The Great Archives of Amarna:

  After the great war, Alquin was famous for creating the Library on Amarna called the Archives. During his time at the Archives, Alquin began work on creating a new language for the realm that could unify the people to a common language and knowledge. After the creation of the universal language, Alquin then recreated many of the ancient texts into the current books we now have today.  

The Monument to Alquin Geir:

  A statue in his likeness stands at the libraries entrance welcoming all in the search for knowledge. The statue is the same height as Alquin and bears an almost perfect resemblance to his features. The statue stands at the entrance to the Archives welcoming anyone thirsty for knowledge.
1990 ATA 2137 ATA 147 years old
Circumstances of Birth
As the fourth born son of a farmer Alquin was given to the to the city of Culvingarrd as a member of the Pantheon of Irial.
Circumstances of Death
Old age attributed to Alquins death. Reaching for a book in the library he slipped and broke his leg bleeding to death on the library floor.
Light blue, purple and grey.
Shaved with a white beard down to his knees.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
fair skinned
5' 2"

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