Light Shards

The crystal lights that brighten a rather dark world.


  The realms of Worheim and Mynari have for hundreds of years resorted to using lanterns fueled by liquid whales fat. The Kingdoms were never bright during the nights, and the fuel was taxing to collect. All until the discovery of the Light Shards by Alquin Geir, who changed everything in the realms. The Light Shards are a more accessible and efficient light source. The Kingdoms no longer needed to hunt whales to get fuel for a fire. The varied light colors, brightness, and ease all made for a brighter and happier kingdom.  

Distribution In Magmoia:

  The lanterns can be found through most realms, but are more heavily concentrated in the realms of Worheim and Mynari. The only realm banned from trade, including the lanterns is the realm of Lahar. They have been forced to find other means of light through their history never being graced by the invention.  

The Big Picture:

  The most radical production that emerged from the creation of the Light Shard Lantersn was that with more available light after dark more of the common folk began to read in their spare time. Before using just lanterns and such could make reading a tasking chore that also cost money as keeping a lantern burning is not cheap. The advancement of the middle and lower classes in the realms proved to benefit everyone.


The Gemstones are cut into various sizes in the mines and can be used as different light sources. Small ones can be used as personal reading lights or replace a torch in a dark cave. Medium cut gemstones can be used as lights in homes and other dwellings. The large gems are generally reserved for large cities and used as beacons of light at the tops of large towers. Many of the large gems are used in Mynari as Lighthouse lights.


The gemstones are mined from the caverns in the Realm of Amarna. Skilled miners are required to work in the mines as it can be dangerous and hard to cut perfect gemstones.
Alquin Geir the Brilliant.
Access & Availability
The mine has been shared with the realm of Mynari as the two nations are very close. Both kingdoms have mining operations in the mountains, and they work together in the extraction of the crystals. Many of the crystals are used right in the two realms, while some are traded for other goods and resources.
The Gemstones seem to run out of "energy." they must be placed in the sunlight about once a week to drink the energy of the sun, allowing the crystals to shine bright again. Most are placed in special iron fittings around homes, keeps, and great halls. The Gemstones don't seem to radiate heat, so the handling of them is relatively easy. Splitting the gems can cause some damage as the energy inside is released. Dropping the lights is not recommended.
Alquin Geir discovered the Gemstones on a research trip to the Island realm of Amarna. High in the mountains, he found a glittering cave that was as bright as the sun. The source of the light seemed to be emanating from the crystals like the waves from the sun. He extracted some of the Gems and brought them back to his home kingdom of Culvingarrd. A short while passed, and the nation was filled with the Gemstone Lights that Alquin had discovered. He made many expeditions to the cave for more crystals and eventually created an entire mining operation in the cave due to the increased popularity of the lights.


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Grandmaster PBE
William Belley
29 Jul, 2019 01:15

Nice read and interesting concept for a cleaner renewable energy.   However, how does the gems themselves get their light at early creation ? are they found from huge cavities that absorb light becasue they are constantly lighted, like craters ? Cause mining deep to find them seems odd if they cant restore themselves over time.   Nonetheless, a very nice read. And Happy Summercamp !