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The Wasting Of Alquins Arm [Inktober Prompt #19 Sling]


  Alquin Geir is recognized as one of the pure brilliant minds in the history of all of Magmoia. He was famed for creating the Great Library called the Archive. He was also recognized as shaping the Gemstone Lights the illuminate most kingdoms in the world as well as being the Royal Advisor to the First True king of Magmoia, Voghar.   With all of his accomplishments and knowledge, Alquin was not spared from the cruelties of life. On an education Expedition into the Realm of Sklavig, the adventurer came in contact with a nasty parasite that latched itself to the Dwarfs arm. The poison from the parasite has all but eaten his muscle mass throughout the arm and was beginning to threaten the rest of his body. Within a day of being bitten, Alquin was without the use of his arm. Luckily a local shaman had provided a medicine known to counteract the poison, and the damaged stopped progressing. Unfortunately for Alquin, he would never gain use of his arm again and would forever be seen with his arm in a sling pressed tightly to his chest.

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