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Eve Nightfall the Prismatic Quill

Gifted prodigy genius. A sentence that exemplifies Eve Nightfall quite well. For she was all of these things and more. She was also focused. And dedicated.   And over-bearing.   And controlling.   And Queen of Failure to Delegate.   Among many other less pleasing descriptors.   Even at a young age Eve Nightfall had begun to earn notoriety for her skill with magic. She out performed the typical learning curve of her fellow elves many times over. She had a proficiency with learning and mastering magic that led her into magical research, and then quickly become one of the experts in the field. While she had barely entered adulthood, she was already being brought in on a variety of magical topics for her expert opinion and counsel. When the Twin gods directed the allied races to work more closely together, she was one of the elves who were given the nod to participate.   At first it was nearly a matter of pride, and them wanting to show off how amazing they were. It was a bit of smoke and mirrors designed to show the Dwarves what the Elves were capable of by showing off their most talented youth.   Even if her appointment was more of a political one, with an intent to shock and awe, the results more than spoke for themselves. As she quickly proved that she not only was the right choice for the position, but she deserved it.   Through her constant dedication to the field, and absolute refusal to fail, Eve Nightfall practically single-handedly kept the program running. For it was through her endless dedication that so much progress as made. And, with progress, came continued interest. Continued support. And, more importantly, an increase in resources. And through all of this intellectually gratifying work, and with her help, the first @Spell Keys were made. And that set the world technology growth rate off at exponential rates.   As the snowballing effects of the Archano-Tech revolution started steaming out of control, Eve Nightfall continued to pour everything she had into it. And as much of everything that everyone else was willing to contribute to the cause as well. The more progress was made, the more she wanted to do. The further she wanted to reach. At some level, she was getting practically desperate to find the ends of her abilities. The limits of what was able to be accomplished through their work and dedication.   Because, on some level, she was afraid she would never get to see the end of the line. As, if she didn’t find the outer limits of what they were capable of, then someone else would. Eventually. After she had passed one.   Her endless devotion to research is commendable. And, unquestionably, improved the lives of millions in a short period of time. There can be no doubt or argument about that.   The actual academic argument comes into play when the question is brought up if the world would have been better off if her work was never done in the first place. If she was never brought into the unifying project. If she never existed at all.   It could be argued that without her, the Archano-Tech revolution would have never happened. And if it never happened, the war of the Last Days would have never happened.   And if that were true, the world would have been saved from Achano-Tech and Primordial energy annihilation. Because they would have never been invented let alone used.

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