Kolyad Morozan

Engineer Kolyad Morozan

Of all the students to pass through our doors, Kolyad was certainly not one we expected much of. To see him grow into one of the peak engineers Gildómar has known has made our school incredibly proud.
— one of Kolyad's teachers at the Mercurial College
  Kolyad Morozan is known as the father of the Iceflows and one of the most eccentric engineers of recent Gildón history. His legacy lives on in the expansion of his Iceflows and the research foundation his eldest daughter, Kasren Morozan began in his name.  

Circumstances of Death

After the great success of the Iceflows and many of his other endeavours, Kolyad joined a team of multiracial researchers in studying a sustainable way to cleanse the Underdark of the lingering primal energies left by the Worldrend. Unfortunately, this caught the attention of a rival engineering team who protested the prevalence of other species in the Dwarven lands. They drew him to a pub in Fyrneistur under pretence of sharing drinks, then when he was drunk, slipped a slow-acting poison into his mead.   His wife was furious over his murder, and the hammer of Torag's justice came down hard on the idiots who'd killed him. Even so, he was gone - and Kolyad had always been adamant about refusing resurrection magic, citing it as a waste of energy when the younglings could more than fill their elder's shoes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Kolyad was born to the Morozan family at a time of war in Gildómar. The neighbouring human nation of Asjand was seeking to claim Gildón lands for itself, and the frost giants were gathering around a reported Champion of their demonic lord.   Though he grew up in a comfortable town well-sheltered from the violence, the news still actively impacted him as he grew up. His parents were safe from the front lines as engineers themselves, but some of his closest friends lost family. He remained insulated from direct consequence to himself as he entered adulthood, but that did not spare him from the horrors witnessed in others. He was 79 when his uncle's entire trading group was killed by an act of frost giant aggression on their way to the trade centre of Durvhaz. Though he knew he would never be much of a fighter, he had already begun down the path of an engineer - and so he swore to protect his people through his inventions.   He would never be known as an inventor for war.


In his adult life, Kolyad took up studies in engineering at the Mercurial College of Fyrneistur. Though his drive was undoubtable, the rigid teaching schedules didn't play well with his lack of focus and more experimental nature. He was expelled from the school after 5 years of training after one of the professors caught him test-driving an experimental sledge - after it had crashed into a local brewery and wreaked utter havoc. Thankfully, the proprietress of the brewery found the entire occurrence hilarious and promptly hired him to promote the business.


Kolyad's time with the Tekuzsh Brewery taught him much about people, and in addition to providing him with the funds to experiment, introduced him to his eventual wife. Tanre Bulzhet was a fiery woman who had been with the Brewery for many years before him, and who organised the brewery's supply routes between areas of Gildómar. Throughout their romance and engagement, she encouraged him to develop his ideas of high-speed travel further.   She eventually organised a meeting between him and the Metelya Circle - a druidic order with special emphasis on weather - once his designs were complete, and was instrumental in securing the collaboration of Gildómar's finest smiths and miners. Though the Iceflows were Kolyad's idea in entirety, Tanre's influence can never be forgotten.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Created the Iceflows in collaboration with many facets of Gildón society.
  • Encouraged a form of learning far more experimental than traditional Dwarven teachings.
  • Progressed mechanical technology in Gildómar significantly.
  • Produced three children with his wife.
  • Actively protested for peace and acceptance of other species, religions, and countries.
  • His memoirs, titled Studies of Flow, contain more detailed accounts of his many accomplishments and creations past the boundaries of this piece.

    Personality Characteristics


    Wanted to calm relations between his country and others, and foster widespread peace and tolerance. More than anything, he wanted senseless death to end. He knew this was unachievable, and so reached for ways to make life safer to live in the hopes that future students would take his work and build on it.

    Savvies & Ineptitudes

    Was an incredible engineer if given leave to follow his own processes - hated to work under the boot of others without room to 'breathe'.

    Likes & Dislikes

    Reportedly hated dealing with others in the same field of study as him as they were always too judgemental for his tastes.
    Chaotic Good
    2854 EA 3048 EA 194 years old
    Circumstances of Death
    Assassinated by a rival.
    Deep green, like a dark-shadowed emerald.
    Black and braided at all times (including his beard).
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    Warm brown skin.
    Owned Vehicles


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