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Akylin Sormatras

Akylin Sormatras (a.k.a. The Dreamer)

Akylin Sormatras a member of the Arcanist Guild and an influential member of The Court of Swords. She has defined by tenets of ideology of the terrorist group and has rallied many to their cause. While not one of the leaders of the court, she still plays a major part.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She wears her magician's dress with a dark blue cloak. Her belt buckles are gold and wears symbols of the Court upon the dress.

Specialized Equipment

Life magic and Eclipsed Affinity.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Once a citizen of the Imperium she lived in the Fairley for her childhood. Her family were merchants and love quite comfortably within the major cities in the Imperium. They often traveled for business and rarely lived in one places for too long. Her prowess in magic was caught by The Academy and began training there in her teens. However, she would be expelled due to her radical opinions and dangerous actions. It was only after that we realized how deep her treasonous actions went. On several occasions, she had endangered her allies and have inspired hatred towards the Emperor. This is when most information about her disappears.   She didn't return home and was seen only briefly within The Carawand Marshes as a liaison between the Arcanist Guild and the Carawand Monarchy. As soon as Imperium agents noticed her presence, she abandoned her work. The Monarchy denies all affiliation with her and whatever she was working on was swept away before our agents found anything.   About four years later, she was found within Lothna as a hedge wizard working to train young children and teens in the arcane arts. When our agents went to engage her, she had the complete help of the townsfolk. She feld and it was discovered that she was working with The Court of Swords at this point.   Recently she has been actively recruiting members to the Court and has attacked and killed Imperium officials. We believe she works as a liaison for the Court and the Arcanist Guild as well as a recruiter. Intelligence suggests that she redefined the small rebellion into a full on terrorist group bent on destroying the Imperium. People have rallied to her calls and will not be stopped unless she is silence.

Morality & Philosophy

Her ideology is based upon the construction progress and society advancement. Conflict strives individuals to become stronger and inspire their desire to become something more. This is why peace weaken everyone as a whole and even when the world prospers it is up to the people to find ways to improve. Peace allows for the strong to remain strong and oppress the weak and the potential of the masses. By creating conflict, we break the cycle of oppression on the people to allow them to bloom into the beautiful flowers that they can be.


Contacts & Relations

She is a wanted criminal of the Aulus Imperium and it's allies. Her ideas are actively attacking the ruling family and have been disrupting the status quo which has kept the Imperium strong and it's people happy.

Hobbies & Pets

She is said to be an accomplished magician and writing. Her studies focused on The Dreamscape and understanding the properties of magic within it. The work she has made on the this area of magic is revolutionary and has redefined how we look at the plane. Her works she has written as well have been disputed about their ideas.

She is dangerous and her work within the Court as made them impossible to save.
— Archivist Renna
True Neutral
Year of Birth
3434 (32 years old)
Biological Sex
Skin Tone
138 lbs
Aligned Organization
Arcanist Guild
Other Affiliations

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