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The Court of Swords

This group is a rebel faction that has terrorized the Imperium for centuries.


The Court is made up of ten Lords and Ladies. This does not mean they are nobility. They come from all backgrounds and from all nationalities. However, they are made up of mostly humans since the other races are worried about other problems then just the Imperium. Under the main ten, there are small sects places in different cities and hamlets through out the Imperium to keep their influence everywhere and not in one place. Each sect is autonomous until the court needs a specific action accomplished for the rebellion.

Public Agenda

The Imperium has been their sole target since it's creation. Sadly, they believe the Imperium is forcing it's will and culture on it's subjugated countries. It's believed that we give special treatment to the Imperium Heartland and its people leaving the others to rot. This is a blatant misconception. The wealth accumulated in Fairley was already present before the conquests. we have elevated all our vassals our our control.


Loyalty of their people and connected all across the Imperium.


We don't know when it was originally founded, but sometime during when the giant ice giants invaded fairley. From there, their influence spread like a wildfire around the Imperium. It almost lead to a full uprising, until the giant ice giants were fully pushed back north and allowed resoruces to be diverted to the damaged regions.   Today, they are not much more then common bandits trying to grasp the power they almost had.
"Bah, they are really a footnote in history. I've never seen such idiocy with what they 'feel' and ' believe'. The Imperium has done so much for Ethonia, Rasselfall, and other communities. All they are is the embodiment of greed."
— Archivist Renna
Illicit, Rebel

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