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Fractured is the birth defect that the child's soul has been split at birth instead of one solid entity.

Transmission & Vectors

There is very little information on why certain children born receive this trait. Were they cursed or was it some other phenomena? We won't know until more research is performed.


People who have the Fractured condition, act and feel like normal people for awhile. However, they typically have a low fertility rate and slightly lower lifespan. With this also gives them the ability to use death magic, an ability typically reserved to the dead themselves. As time goes on they body begins to weaken until death.


Currently there is no official treatment other than simple solar healing or an alchemist potions. This will delay the weaken process.

Cultural Reception

Most people are completely unaware of this condition. Due to its affecting people later in their life, some infected individuals never see the symptoms. However, arcanists have this trait, so the two are intertwined. A misnomer that all Fractured are arcanists even if all arcanists are Fractured. They were formally hunted down in ancient times to purify the world's souls, but is now considered a barbaric practice.

We have found a way to identify Fractured by using certain arcane magics to feel the cracks with the soul. Apparently it feels very unsettling
— Archivist Renna
Chronic, Acquired
Extremely Rare
Affected Species

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