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Arcanist Guild

Arcanist Guild is an grouping of arcanist that are used to protect their own while acting as a collaborative magic research organization. Some of the most inspiring creations were produced by an arcanist a part of the guild.


The guild is lightly bound together by membership. Members are a part of the guild as long as they provide their skills and resources to other members, within reason, free of charge. This also means that opportunity are secretly given solely to other members and their apprentices.


They have about twenty members with a wide deviation of magical ability. However, they are in prominent positions of power in the magical world such as court wizard or academy instructor. Their very interconnected group allows for easy advancement in many circles. As a result, they have a lot of influence throughout the world


The guild was formed as power consolidation began to rise in many spheres of around the world. They knew their skill set was extremely unique and thus needed to stick together in order to increase their own power. The original members consisted of five powerful arcanists with Ellabend Vizmir as their original an current leader. Eventually as each grew in found positions of power and their own apprentices and their numbers grew. Now with such numbers, they began to specialize in certain fields such as alchemy or enchanting. With such an array of talent, they can get nearly any resource they desire.
While they try to be secretive, the Imperium knows all their members. They are quite predictable.
— Archivist Renna
Founding Date
Guild, Mages
Ellabend Vizmir
Related Professions
Notable Members


The Guild has assisted the Court on many occasions and support the rebellion. We believe this is because they have infiltrated their own members inside. As a result, if the Court succends, so does their power plays.

Temporary Alliance

Recently they have been working together on several occasions which has upset many other groups, but this is from what our sources suggest si their cooperation is only temporary. The guild seeks to get something in return with lending their aid in some sort of project.

Allies by Necessity

The two need each other for their own ends, but this results in cooperation and conflict. From what we understand, the two work together with a dagger to each other's back.

Tense Relations

Due to the Guild's desire to play either side of magical conflicts, the Circle sees that disapproves of this ideal greatly. However, they have helped the Circle in the past, so their relationship is very complicated. Currently, they are barely on speaking terms.


Both sides have tried to infiltrate the other and have failed in all occasions. The two are in conflict on a yearly basis due to to the Guild's pragmatism. The Academy will not tolerate their activities to disrupt world politics.

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