Bryce Westminster IV

Prime Minister of Ayun-Ausralia Emeritus Fernald Görsh Kiska, of Clan Kiska (a.k.a. Bryce Westminster IV)

Bryce Westminster IV. A man of action. An aficionado of great works of architecture. A Luea with a plan and a vision for the future of Ayun-Ausralia

The son of a wealthy Federation of Free Planets bussiness and equities trader and a particularly skilled flautist, Bryce Westminster IV was born Fernald Kiska to Görsh and Marian Kiska. He had a fairly comfortable upbringing, with the best tutors and instructors his father could find. With a fairly unremarkable childhood, few expected him to rise to any great height, instead taking over the contracts and trade agreements left open by his father's eventual passing. Instead, when the opertunity came available for a new planet to be brought under The Federation of Free Planets' administration, Fernald begged his father for the opertunity to be it's first govenor. Doubting his son's management ability, a proper administrator was sourced from the Federation's contacts, and Fernald, soon to be be Bryce Westminster IV was installed as Ayun-Austrailia's Prime Minister. From there, his inspired thinking has lead Ayun-Ausralia to a golden age of methane processing and suffering in the sub-zero environment.

When I arrived, I knew I need a new name. Something classical, yet understated. Refined, but with a touch of whimsy. Thus, Bryce Westminster IV was born.
— Bryce Westminster IV, First Prime Minister of Ayun-Ausralia

My life's motto is simple 'If I don't know how to do something, hire someone that does and have them make the best of it'. Hasn't failed on me yet.
— Bryce Westminster IV, First Prime Minister of Ayun-Ausralia

Mental characteristics


Tutored heavily in Bussiness Adminstration, Economics and Finance, Bryce had an education fit to prepare him to step into his father's footsteps.

Wealth & Financial state

Bryce Westminster IV gets rather cagey when the topic of money is addressed.

Honorary & Occupational Titles
First Prime Minister of Ayun-Ausralia.
That one guy with terrible taste in buildings.
Probably Straight. May be attracted to The Mansion of the Prime Minister.
Sharp. Deep Violet. Crazed.
Aligned Organization
The Federation of Free Planets


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Any relation to Robert Kiska?

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Probably not, unless there's Luea and Humans in the same clan.

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