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Arafad Diosk

The ancients described him as a calm and peaceful man, even though most of the people of his time thought he was crazy. Now that we know that his predictions were accurate, it makes sense to believe that he knew that he would be trusted, decades after his death.
  Arafad Diosk is the founder of the Human Prophetism. He was a brilliant mage at the Yemid Kingdom's court that experimented on the second layer of Magic. By studying how to control time, he was struck by visions of the future that he shared with his government.  


Among the many things he predicted, some were statements that the kingdom had to go through reforms to survive. That's how the Yemid Kingdom became the Yemid Republic, as the many warnings of the impending doom it faced all happened.   Diosk is also behind the fierce control of magic within the Seaglow Coalition. He stated that if left uncontrolled, magic would become a force for terrorists to use. This is what inspired Yemid, then the kingdoms where the religion spread to build institutions and "academies" to register mages and educate them into model citizens for their realms.  

Personal History

Arafad was the perfect example of a highborn son in the past Yemid society. He got into the realm's best schools and was taught magic by one of the archmages of the crown.   His natural talent for magic pushed him to become a researcher, striving to reach the second layer that so many mages tried to grasp. Nobody really knows how, but he managed to have precise visions of the future that he later shared with the king and his counselors. Despite their skepticism, they noted each and every one of them in a record. Some of the predictions were released to the public when the first few happened, but it is nearly sure that most of them are kept secret.   A few centuries after his death, the cult that Arafad Diosk inspired spread to become the most significant one among Humanity .
797 711 86 years old
Circumstances of Death
Old age
Skin Tone/Pigmentation

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