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Human Prophetism

Humanity's most spread religion.

Be it God or my choices, everything was a part of my canvas, to begin with. I regret nothing, as all I did and all that happened to me shaped me into the person I am right now.
  By far the most significant cult among Humanity, prophetism relies on ancient predictions made over a thousand years ago that came true.  

Origins and expansion

Everything started in the old Yemid Kingdom, with the experiments of one mage: Arafad Diosk. Like many before and after him, he was trying to reach the second layer of Magic and more specifically, grasp the control of time.   From there, many stories differ. Some say that Diosk did reach the second layer, but was gifted with mind control instead of time. Others say that he did not only reached the second but scratched the third, thus getting in contact with the one God who gave him his predictions. Arafad himself never clearly stated what happened to him, but wrote a few, very specific predictions he gave to the court.  
They thought he was crazy, but at the same time, it was a real shock to them. Arafad was one of the most respected mages of the court, and he then started stating that the kingdom was going to become a republic by the end of the millennium. His predictions were not vague affirmations but exact facts, but still, most people ignored him.
  The cult began as a mocked "gathering of idiots who believes the sayings of a mage that burnt his brain by playing with mind magic." Most people did not believe one of the prophet's predictions, but a small cult emerged from the preciseness of the statements and the passion they were conveyed with.   One by one, every single prediction came true. At first thought to be coincidences, the people of Aiqura soon did not have a choice but to believe what Diosk said. Slowly, the cult expanded. From a few households in Yemid, it spread to the whole Republic, and soon enough to the rest of the continent.
Founding Date
-754 (Menicean Calendar)
Religious, Cult


One god

Only one god harbors the world after they created it. They control nature, life that they spread like a painter would draw on a canvas.   They gave its visions to the prophet, and his testimony is absolute.

Peace prevails

Many wars were foreseen by the prophet, who said that God wishes nothing but peace. In that regard, he damned anyone who broke it and blessed anyone who protects it.

Magic is controlled

... But sacred. The prophet taught that magic was a force to be harnessed and control to preserve the security of our realms. Some souls are gifted with a power beyond their understanding, and it is the realm's responsibility to teach them how to control it.

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