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Àjikià̃ Mertush

Àjikià̃ Mertush

It is known, yes, that in some areas magic is thick in the air, invisible yet deadly. In others, while nothing may look different, people waste away and die, no magic to sustain them. There must be some way to measure the difference. If nothing else, a way to note down which areas are inhospitable would help, one way or another.
— Àjikià̃ Mertush
Inventor of Mertush's Scale, Àjikià̃ was an early researcher into the nature of magic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Àjikià̃ was born in Urlelian, a few centuries before the nation's rise to fame. He was born into a mage family, and was fascinated by magic. Mertush had a low aptitude for actually using magic, however. Àjikià̃ had practically nonexistent reserves, and constantly coasted on the edge of Mana Deficiency for most of his life.

Thus, Mertush dived into the theoretical side of magic. Given the risk magic-less zones had for him, Àjikià̃ found himself researching the mostly unknown field of Ambient Magic. Little to nothing was known about how it moved, or how to even tell if magic was there!

Àjikià̃ spent decades testing and writing on the subject, and eventually created Mertush's Scale of Magic Density. The scale showed on a one to ten rating how dense the magic was. His writings became famous as the scale was used in cartographer's maps of dangerous areas. Cartographers would use his scale to show the average danger of each area of the map. This breakthrough helped make exploration and trade routes a much safer business.

Beyond that, Mertush's research into the nature of magic was used a groundwork for the creation of Void Tech two centuries later.
513 B.D. 456 B.D. 57 years old
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