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Coghlom Merziver

The great gnome inventor. The unknown hero of the The two four war Goghlom Quanti Nesru Merziver (a.k.a. Merzi)

Physical Description

Specialized Equipment

He can use herbal medicine and some tools to treat physical traumas and physical afflictions.

Very good in alchemy, with high dexterity in the use and manipulation of dangerous substances.

Well trained in engineering specialized in gear based machines and heat.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He grew up in a strict home outside a city, raised by his father, an aristocrat, and a stepmother, who treated the children fairly.

His real mother,an adventurer spirit, was away for months or even years at a time.

He was only child, not a common practice in the gnome community.


Straight. For years he didn't think in dates nor a romantic relationship nor a family.


He study medicine as a request of his father.
He specialized but he left practice because his stepmother foresaw the war, many years after the real conflict, and didn't like the idea his stepson would be involved in the war.

Thanks to his "stepmom" he study some mechanics and alchemy, he performed great in this and like it.


He study during years medicine and work as a doctor with the gnome community. Left the practice because his stepmom request and contacts to study alchemy and pursue his own personal interest in engineering.

At firs only have a research in home due his own fortune and his dad. Later he was contacted by a dwarven general and pay to make something to help them in the war with the elves.

Accomplishments & Achievements

His great achievement came with the discovery of the now know as Merziver Process and the construction of the device at large to use this discovery.

Failures & Embarrassments

He left his home town to live en the dwarven city of Arendort. In that time was not well see for a single gnome to left his parent's home without a sentimental relationship.
One of his major regrets was not being able to involve his own children the creativity and curiosity he has.

Mental Trauma

Only his former college and friend the doctor Jodar knows about his great trauma when one of his youngest patients die, even when was not the fault of Merzi he don't like at all.
Jodar always believe that he never recovers and therefore when he has the opportunity left the medical practice.

Intellectual Characteristics

He has a superior intellect, a sharp mind and a real curiosity about the world and beyond.

His late years suffer of paranoia and a lot of his work was lost because he didn't trust anyone with his ideas not even his children, a lot of people say this was a result of grief by the lost of his wife.

Morality & Philosophy

He think in the good for all beings but has some issues with the gods because for him they are selfish; not only they donĀ“t share freely the knowledge but left alone some poor souls at the mercy of evil doers or calamity.

Late in life he profess the canons of the Church of Earth some because his wife and some because he like some of this ideas about nature.

Personality Characteristics


His main motivation always was knowledge. Some of his appreciation for recognition was inculcated by his father.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

He lacks diplomacy skills. He is blunt sometimes brutal.

Virtues & Personality perks

Intelligence. Patient. Calm and practical in emergency situations. Curious mind and thirst for knowledge. Knows and likes poetry.

Vices & Personality flaws

Works to obsession. Stubborn. Lack of tack in delicate situations. Paranoid.


Family Ties

His father and his stepmother. His real mother go to an adventure and never return.

His wife and four children two girls and two boys.

Wealth & Financial state

He purchase a lot of terrain in his birth place at a gnome community and develop a school of engineering for young gnomes, he want an Alchemy school to but was to dangerous for that place.

He owns a large home and is partner of one of the largest steel dwarven companies. He create several steel molding machines and Arendort became, step by step, in the Steel Citadel.

He purchase a large extension of the unexplored mine near Arendort but will be his Great granddaughter Eldior Farwi Merziver the one that create a much impressive empire with this.
Angular brown eyes. Plucked eyebrows
Short, brown and well cared
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
red brown skin
58 kg
Quotes & Catchphrases
Easy as pie
Known Languages
Gnome. Dwarf. Humand dialects. Minotaur. Some other village dialects: Saurians and savage humans.
Character Prototype
Peter Dinklage


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