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85% Dwarves
10% Gnomes
5% other races


A council controls the citadel formed by representatives of the major entities within. The council is in labor about 50 years and then is changed, the same entities vote. This period enters its 26 year and the mining guildhall controls the military and the trading, the church of death the law in the city and the diplomacy with the outside world, the artisans guild the commece, the church of the earth the education, the school of engineering the development and safety and finally the church of nature the health. The rune writting school and one eccentric gnome have other positions in the council.

Code of law

(by the church of death)

Despite the name the church of death is about the life because this cannot be appreciated nor valued without death. The church has some signature rituals that the god grant to his disciples called "marks", this marks has several effect on the targets depending on the type of mark:
  • Death: The target is assaulted every night with visions of their own death more than a phrofetic vision is a nightmare. The target is unable to end his own life.
  • Prision: The target has a fobia to open spaces.
  • Empathy: The target has the same feelings of another sentien being. The church use this to emulate the feelings of the victims.The target is unable to end his own life.
  • Haunted: The target develops an aura of dim light that can be seen even in daylight as a warning to others.
  1. Murder/Attempt to murder/conspiracy to murder: Mark: Death and life sentence to work in the mines.
  2. Kidnapping/rape: Mark: Empathy. Long sentence to work in the mines.
  3. Theft/Extortion: Mark: Haunted. Pay of damage. Variable imprisonment.
  4. Corruption/Blasphemy(a severe insult to a god or the church): Mark: Prision. Removed from the charge and benefit in the politics or church if any. A fine.


The citadel is merged with a mountaint in a great mountain range, this makes a natural defense corridor and wall to the city, moreover all the doors and entrance are created with steel. The city has several defensive steel towers in the perimeter and above some mountains, they have an underwater exit to make an surprise assault or as a last escape route.

Industry & Trade

Several years now this city is the primary provider of steel manufactured goods.

Weapons and armor for the minotaurs.
Agricultural tools for the humans
Mechanical pieces of all sorts for gnomes.
Recently some human settlements are purchasing more gold made jewelry and crafts.


The citadel is "carved" in the mountain. The dwarves have several industries here to function but the more exploited are the mining and steel working.
The mining industry exploits the vast deposits of minerals the mountains have: Iron, coal, gold and diamonds are the primal minerals.
Then the craftsman enter in scene: Steel working, diamond cutting, gold crafting, weapon and armor crafting, engineering guild among others.

The citadel is better know by his surname, the steel citadel, than his dwarven name because the obvious steel infrastructure not only in the steel trading (weapons, armors, carruages, cages, bars, tools) but his steel buildings and steeled streets.

Guilds and Factions


  • Mining
  • Artisans
  • Dimonds
  • Coin


  • Engeenering
  • Weapon and armor crafting
  • Diplomacy
  • Runic writting


  • Death
  • Nature
  • Earth
  • Seas
  • Moon
  • Darkness


  • Eldior
  • An excentric very rich female gnome is gaining a lot of influence in the city. Has a gold bussiness and the bank seat in the council. This mark the first time an independent has a seat in the council over 500 years.


All the architecture are steel plain and simple. Even the sculptures and fountains are of steel.
The dwarves are a busy race and work a lot in a single task they don't have a tendency for adornments or something like that but the growing gnome population are changing this because the love colors. The gnomes tend to bring some flowers and other flora: fungus as adorment for their homes and bussiness places.


The citadel is located in the norteast part of the continent in the last mountain of a large mountaing range that used to be home for the giants several years ago. The eastern part is a cliff of around 750 that ends at the sea.

Natural Resources

A lot of minerals can be exploited:
  1. Iron
  2. Coal
  3. Diamond
  4. gold
  5. sapphires

Goats live in the mountains and are breed to food.
Alternative Name(s)
The Steel Citadel
Inhabitant Demonym
Related Tradition (Primary)

The council

  • Military seat - Mining guild
  • Trading seat - Mining guild
  • Law enforcement seat - Church of the Death
  • Diplomacy seat - Church of the Death
  • Development seat - Engineering school
  • Contingency seat - Engineering school
  • Health seat - Church of the Earth
  • Food seat - Church of the Seas
  • Commerce seat - Artisans Guild
  • Information seat - Rune writting school
  • Bank seat - Eldior an independent female gnome


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one excentric gnome have other positions in the council.
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