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Merziver Process

This is a reference for a process invented by a gnome to speed the creation of steel.


A Merziver converted can treat a batch of hot metal of 5 to 20 tons at a time, taking between 10 and 80 minutes to convert the iron into steel. The dwarves operate a pair of this, one being blow while the other was being filled. This optimized the creation of steel thus creating more armors and weapons for the current war.

Once the war was over the new dwarven steel industry, became the principal supplier for some human, minotaur and dwarven cities for construction; and a lot of gnome inventors.


This device purify the iron with "air" being blown through the molten iron, the air raises the temperature of the iron mass and keeps it molten.
A gnome inventor named Coghlom Merziver.
Access & Availability
The gnome was a contracted inventor by the dwarf military therefor is a dwarven secret not shared not even with the Minotaurs.

For the dwarven community is a well know and common used process to make steel.
Was difficult to build a usable Merziver converted. The main problem was to have a continued massive stream of air blowing through the molten iron.

At first the gnome try with a couple of gears to move a large fan, other solution was use natural currents of air, one of the first devices constructed works this way.

Finally the Church of Earth(religion) use magical means that create a continuous stream of air.
During the The two four war a lot of improvements took place.
Maybe the most important of all was the Merziver process, named after its inventor, the gnome Coghlom Merziver, who makes this discovery by testing.


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