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The first sight any newly created slave that undergoes the Tailored Spark sees as they fumble about is A-3 allowing him unprecedented access to them.   His scheme has allowed him to send out more than a few bots to act as moles within the Quintesson Forge Works and eventually even got him given a hidden admin access to the Q super-computer AI that runs The Factory so he can hide his activities and the abnormalities of those not burdened with Tailored Sparks.   Now he works in secret to save as many of his fellow bots as he can so they can overthrow the Quintesson's and rise up as a free people.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A-3 was left unsupervised by Extempaxia once when activating a batch of bots. An error occurred and he went inside the chamber to clear it. While inside a wild spark entered his body. At first, nothing changed for him as he cleared the error and processed the batch of Tailored Sparks as normal. But as the batch was wheeled out for programming his mind raced as he slowly achieved independent thought after a booming voice echoed in his mind.


  Since then he has tried to replicate the process while browsing through the Q AI's databases learning about the plight of his fellow bots once they leave the Factory, vowing to awaken them all!


Cover employment as the operator of the Foundry. Leads the Cybertronian Freedom rebellion in secret, while technically being the head leader of the Location Primarius village of freed bots.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The first bot to drink from the well of change in Location Primarius and gain an alternate mode which is a sea craft so he can sneak between the village and the Factory.

Intellectual Characteristics

Deep Thinker, far more knowledgable than he should be considering his isolation from the rest of the world.
Character Location
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Current Location
Year of Birth
31100 291 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
A-3 was a aberrant batch of Servant Class bots. His abberantion manifested in a unique facial structure. The contract he was ordered for rejected him so he was reassigned.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Silver undertone with Red Highlights
Aligned Organization
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Original Cybertonian
Ruled Locations


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