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Location Primarius

The village of free bots that have escaped from the Quintesson Forge Works. Founded by A-3 a bot that according to rumor repaired his spark while working in the Foundry. Founded to house the Cybertronian Freedom rebellion.   Their biggest achievement is that any that drink from its well and pledges to themselves to the freedom of Cybertron gains the power of change.


Currently, they have a dozen servant class bots with repaired sparks and five military class.


At this time the settlement is run as an informal dictatorship by A-3 as he seems the only one with knowledge of an organization structure.


Their primary defense is part of the hollow they hide it has been rigged by A-3 and some of the servant class to act as a false wall. Giving the impression the area is just another piece of the natural landscape around it.


Tunneled out holes in the sides of a hidden ravine, with a well of thick rust filled energon.

Guilds and Factions

All within the small village are either members of the Cybertronian Freedom or were rescued and support their efforts.


After A-3 secretly repaired some of his fellow workers at the Foundry they were detected to by a Quintesson Prosecutor and was locked down for termination. Using his access clearance to Q he was able to schedule to transport to the Northern Fields instead. From there he managed to rig an empty cell to explode downing the ship and giving them the chance to flee to what is now the village area.


At this time everyone spends their offline time in self-dug/drilled tunnels off the main common area. Some of the builder designed servant bots then added shutters to the holes to give them some privacy and to hopefully full scanners close to the village.


The village is located near the edge of the Rust Sea on the opposite shore from the The Factory itself built into a natural ravine.

Natural Resources

Low-grade energon spring with some impurities in it.


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