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The primary race of the planet Cybertron. Completely mechanical yet requiring forms of sustenance. As far as the galaxy at large is concerned they are mindless machines but do react to stimulus and damage like any other although they almost instantly return to their placid state.

Basic Information


Cybertronians generally have a humanoid stance with two legs and arm limbs, a set of optical sensors and a semi-functional mouth. Internally they have a unique module in the center of their chest that functions as a power source and without it, they cease to function until a new one is made back on Cybertron.

Biological Traits

As of the start of the campaign no Cybertronian has died of anything besides severe damage or unique to their species diseases. Their height's depend on the frames built for them and the race shows no need for gender as they did not require them for reproduction.

Genetics and Reproduction

The current known method of creation is by the frames being generated in the Factory and the frame is taken by the Quientesson's to the Power Plant and eventually out walks a functional automaton.

Growth Rate & Stages

Cybertronians do not grow as normal organics do.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Every solar cycle each bot requires a recharge of energon. A normally sized bot (20-40 foot tall) requires a single energon cube.

Biological Cycle

The only sign of an uninjured bot aging is the wearing out of pumps and other internal parts that work constantly.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Average cybertronian faces have two optic lenses that glow with the primary colors, a raised ridge between the optics serving as a nose (though there are often no holes as they do not breath) and a simple mouth. However, they have a variable appearance and some bots can have a single optic or multiple optics. Most also have a deployable shield that folds from their cheeks to cover their mouth and protect their sensitive parts in their mouth areas.

Average Intelligence

Tested models have shown the potential for anywhere between genius-level intellect and barely above that of an animal depending on the frame's design.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Cybertronian's are all built with radio receives in their craniums, and their eyes can see in infra-red and normal (for humans) wavelengths. Magnetic and electrical sensitivity.
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Cybertronian Transverto
With maintenance and sufficient power there is no natural end to a Cybertronian.
Average Height
The species have variable sizes ranging from tiny beings all the way to city-sized. Though the extreme end of the size ranges are extremely rare.
Average Physique
Average shape for a cybertronian is two limbs that serve as legs and two arms.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Frame coloration is costumized depending on the order made for the bot. Every bot that is created is stamped with a stylized silver stamp of a robots head.
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