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Esyak Eydistos

Esyak Eydistos (a.k.a. Esy)

Esyak Eydistos was a great human philosopher during the Age of Thaumaturgy. He is one of the founders of the Arcane Academies. He created the first code of how to use magic during the Age of Thaumaturgy, a time where magic was wielded by many. It is thanks to him that magic users are honored, not feared among the people. The sorcerers code he created is still being taught today, creating a moral code adhered to by almost all mages. He was bitter in his earlier years, but became a very good-hearted person once he realised that he had done good for the world.

Physical Description

Body Features

Esyak was a white human with brown hair.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Following the gods teachings of the arcane, people learned to use magic in a variety of ways, but they were reckless too. Esyak was among those, that is until he killed his sister. From that day on he swore to himself, that he would always be careful when practicing magic. Over the years he saw more and more people bringing disaster. He decided to create an academy in Enag, to teach people not only how to use magic, but how to use it responsibly. After a while, other cities adopted this style of academy. With this more orderly use of magic, the public image of sorcerer slowly shifted to the positive.


Basic education, magic (learned by himself)


Principal of the first arcane academy in Enag.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Creation of the arcane academies and the sorcerers code.

Personality Characteristics


After the death of his sister his dream was to make magic more organized, to stop people from accidently killing each other.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Extremely skilled sorcerer

Wealth & Financial state

By the end of his life, he was quite wealthy, he especially owned a lot of magical artifacts.
Deep green

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