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Princess Erani, House Tannergarl

The Lady Erani of House Tannergarl, Keeper of the Flame of the Shardspire and the Illuminated Lands of the Shard, Guardian of the Penumbral realms, Defender of the Holy Scrolls of Alariel, Watcher of the Northern Lines, Commander of the Shard Legions Erani Tennergarl (a.k.a. The Black Lady; The Old Mother;)

A citizenry that loves their ruler is a useful thing, but even if one wishes to be loved, the most successful rulers – that is, those who continue to survive – must also make judicious use of fear. This city is a sanctuary; its citizens thrive in the light of the Shardspire, but they must be reminded, from time to time, of the things that prowl the edges of the light. Without such reminders, a populace may soon forget that all that stands between them and oblivion is their ruler and the armies they command. Fear keeps us needed; fear reminds the ruled of the debt they owe to us. It is our task to ensure that they never forget it.   A wise ruler then is the one who is master over fear, who uses fear to foster love. The wisest rulers of them all however, are those who place the levers of fear into the minds of each and every one of their citizens. The ruler who has done this no longer needs to use fear to control their citizens, for without any encouragement at all, the citizens who have swallowed fear whole will find themselves ruled by it without their knowing. Their fear will govern their actions and their very thoughts, and the ruler will have achieved the status of indispensability. Love your subjects. But keep them afraid, always.  
Princess Erani, House of Tannergarl, The Shard, Flame of the Shardspire

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Erani was born the eldest daughter of House Tannergarl, the oldest and most respected of the noble families of the Shard. Growing up, Erani knew her destiny; her mandate to rule was long established by law and tradition.   As she grew older, Erani's self-directed education took her well outside the narrow curriculum established by her family, into political history, philosophy, and the study of the human condition. By the time she reached maturity, Erani was convinced that if left to their own devices, humankind would annihilate themselves out of a short-sighted need for immediate gratification. She believed humanity to be selfish, greedy, and myopic; without a firm hand guiding them, not even the Spires would save them.   When she ascended the throne, Erani's rule was characterized by a judicious use of the powers of the state. She allowed dissent, but jailed those who spoke too loudly. She outlawed Darkmoots, and made it law that any Spawn-worshipers found within her realm were to be captured, interrogated, then paraded through the city before facing execution. Doing so ensured that people never forgot that their enemies could be anywhere, and only the law - and therefore the throne - could protect them.


Princess Erani was privately tutored by the finest scholars of the Shard. She then traveled extensively along the northern Lamp-lines, visiting other Spires and their centres of learning. After ascending the throne, Erani made heavy use of the traveling room in the Shardspire to travel to the most distant spires to continue her education beyond virtually any other scholar at the Shard.
4128 CR 4196 CR 68 years old
Circumstances of Death
Died from food poisoning at the coronation feast of her granddaughter
Pale green, flecked with gold
Copper with silver streaks
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale white

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