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Havelin Kinder

Havelin Kinder (a.k.a. The First Halfling)

When the Breed War began the ArchFey no longer had the vast workforce they had come to rely upon, instead they planned to replace humanity and the other breeds with new more manageable sentients they had worked to create. The dwarves were made to build, the dragonbreed and cambrion were made to fight and the halfling's were made to serve. Without our masters we needed to survive, thus when the humans came I had to decide the fate of my people in that moment. -Havelin Kinder

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

Havelin had a sharp nose with a small mole above and to the right of his lip.

Physical quirks

Havelin always smiled unless the situation demanded a more somber tone. Beyond his perpetual grin Havelin was known to watch everything, his eyes darting back and forth like a small anime becoming a infamous trait attributed to all halflings.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

While many what would be considered halflings were made by the unknown Archfey, Havelin was the first to be made to manage the growing species. Given more knowledge of the outside world then the rest of his kind Havelin was made aware that there was more that was needed. Rather than ask his creator Havelin watched carefully and made comments meant to either lead the ArchFey or prompt the alien being to give Havelin more information. Due to it's pride Havelin was never considered to have overstepped his position as the halfing had made himself look foolish and stupid whenever possible. When the ArchFey fled the oncoming war it left the halfling's unfinished and without direction. Before Havelin could be spurred to take action the armies of mankind had invaded.   The halflings all cowered in fear while Havelin, used to dealing with alien beings of immense power, walked up to the humans and bowed. The human war leader commented that Havelin and his kind looked just like half a person to which Havelin proudly admitted he was, from this came the name halfling, the true name of their species kept hidden and shared only among other halflings. While the halfings seemed innocent the human armies were wary of anything the ArchFey had touched and gathered up Havelin and his people. It was through Havelin's directions and interactions with the humans that the image of the servile halfling became well known. Using his knowledge of his people he brought the best chefs and butlers to wait upon the humans who guarded the halflings, appeasing where possible till a particularly vile man decided to take his want from the captured halflings. It was Havelin who made his death look like an accident and Havelin himself who took the brunt of the punishment for the loss of life. By the time the war was won and humanity stood victorious Havelin had established the halfling population as unwitting servants who only wanted to help.   While not all halflings could serve humans or the other breeds Havelin managed to work around the halfling need to serve by assisting his people when possible. Much of what Havelin did was expanded upon by other great halflings but all considered Havelin to be the first among halflings and when tales are told all remember the choices Havelin made as well as his great cunning helping lead the halfling species to prosperity. Beyond his later role as representative of the halfling race much of Havelin's earliest observations were passed on to his children and their spouses who in turn became some of the greatest heroes of the halfling race. To this day the Kinder family are widely considered to be halfling nobility.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Havelin Kinder was a great judge of character and learned quickly, while he lacked a formal education the halfling soon rose to prominence as the representative of the halfling species.

Circumstances of Birth
Created by the ArchFey
Biological Sex
Skin Tone
80 lbs

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