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The Breed War


Late Age of Myth

Where the Fey are disposed and the mortal races rise to power.

When Elves first appeared that the Fey grew fearful, for the new breed did not hold the same ties to the magic as did the Sidhe and the Fey themselves saw their numbers grow smaller as humans and other races grow. Afraid the Fey took up arms against those who the Fey called lesser breeds in war. Though outnumbered the Fey lords made deals with both dragons and devils for their aid and from the fog of war came the Cambion and dragonbreed.   The war lasted ages and the Fey lords came close to winning till Cambion and dragonbreed rebelled and joined all the other race against the Archfey. As an united front they banded together and forced back the Fey into utter defeat. In desperation the Fey used what magic they had left and sundered their ties to the world, shattering it in the process, by retreating into the Feywild the Fey abandoned the Second World.

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