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Merrick Ferwill

Merrick Ferwill philosophised the Internal Darkness theory in the 3rd Century After Darkness. He is considered by some to be the reason for the Deoman Inquisition.   Born on 6th Munmar 207 AD. Raised as a drover on the Solapiedra, Merrick never experienced close relationships with others of a similar age, his childhood was spent helping his mother and avoiding his father’s tempers that swung almost as wildly as his fists.   Merrick was, however, exposed to multiple ethnic and cultural groups on his travels. Although his parents couldn’t afford to give Merrick schooling, he did get to explore the countryside and settlements he came across, seeing them with fresh, unbiased speculation.   His father is never mentioned again in any primary sources, yet many biographers have tried to piece together what happened. Since it is known his mother moved with him in 225 AD to Clytopae, most assume the father perished. Merrick’s mother, Lideai, featured regularly in his notes; we know she lived a long and humble life in the Giit capital.   During his teenage years, Merrick Ferwill became more inquisitive with Gardia. He started to instigate discussion with people from all walks of life: priests, scholars, merchants, farmers, thieves. Ferwill became obsessed with the notion of base versus ultimate desire; the belief that all possess a desire at an instinctive level to achieve a life they enjoy, while ultimately their desires are vastly diverse.   Ferwill took this belief with him throughout his continuing travels. Seeking out grassroot and highborn alike, he would inquire into their every action and thought. Ferwill examined their habits and mannerisms, he probed their hearts and their souls, he questioned their minds. Until he possessed from them an understanding of what they lived for.   It was only so long before he began receiving invites from noblemen and kings. Ferwill would arrive at court and interrogate the ruler as if they were standing trial. The ruler’s loved it. It would be a spectacle for their courtiers to revel at; the rulers often participated as if it were a comedy, but Ferwill would leave knowing their darkest truths regardless.   In 266 AD, Ferwill received a summons by the Emperor of Giit. Ferwill entered the palace in Clytopae and was never seen again. For over three-hundred years imaginations ran wild with stories of his demise. Then in 607 AD, in the four-hundredth year since Merrick’s birth, a tome was found bearing his name: Merrick Ferwill’s Internal Darkness.

Mental characteristics


No formal education, was self-taught. Debate as to whether Ferwill could even read and write.


Various employments throughout early years: drover, peddler, beggar.   Began receiving pay for his inquisitive speculations in his later life.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Established the Internal Darkness philosophical school of thought.

Morality & Philosophy

Believed in the internal conflict of base versus ultimate desires.
207 AD 266 AD 59 years old
Circumstances of Death

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