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(a.k.a. The Visionary / The Emperor of Sands)

Few names managed to stir passionate debates as much as The Emperor of Sands in our land.   But he wasn't an emperor you say. Technically, you are right. But as his influence was known in all our country and beyond, some gave him that name by extension. Kind of a way to say he ruled the land by his actions.   Some towns and cities straight up bans any of his inventions and the fact to even tell his name. Some even did the extra step to burn the readings he left in some cities out of disgust.   What happened with the pillars, nobody really knows, however. And some even dare to say he would never do this, and was a noble soul. But this was another time.   Why do I feel comfortable saying all this? Well, my ancestor was his closest friend. But i only told you since you paid generously.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Surprisingly, Vyceris's stature was rather firm and of a good body shape compared to most mages. He valued body health as important as mental health. Which gave him a rather fine shape when not covered by clothing. He however add noticeable eyebags which could imply his sleep schedule was never perfect.

Body Features

In order to have body hair to annoy his work, Vyceris usually shaved daily, the longest he used to have was a 3-day beard. His hygienic nature also made him shave often other bodies of hair on his body.

Facial Features

the scalp of Viceris have some skin issues related to old sunburns he had in teenhood. On the left side of his lip was a beauty mark easy to see.

Identifying Characteristics

Viceris, due to his extreme amount of energy and time spent doing construct crafting, had very rash and hard hands due to the many manipulations he had to do. which gave him a surprising blue collar hand grip for a spellcaster.

Apparel & Accessories

Vyceris was a rather "practiciality over fanciness" in his clothing. He usually wore cream and light brown clothing with a tagelmust turban on hot days. He was always wearing pearl necklaces which were assumed to be magical.   On more academic/formal gathering, he would wear olive and purple attires but always kept his dagger and necklace on him.

Mental characteristics




Vyceric studied under the tutelage of the old sage Kir'Mahal. After that, he went the route of a constant student, taking time to read new theories in magecraft and other books of interest.


After his tutelage, he made his name under various kings as a court mage and learned through self and by sharing knowledge thinkers and arcanists of the time. Many of his peers said he had a talent to develop solutions quickly, but always took extra lengths to develop his ideas, making him someone never satisfied by half measures.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The highest accomplishment Vyceric managed to create was the Sunspark Automative Construction, which he developped through sharing knowledge with engineers of the Kingdom of Tränenfeld with his nation's knowledge of the sun.   Thanks to his discovery, his country went under a tech boom which drastically improved their military and construction capacities.

Failures & Embarrassments

His biggest failure was a post-humous one, as the date of his death coincided with an event which got name "The Grand Collapse" in the kingdom he was born. Being afraid to give too much liberty to his lifesparked constructs, he implemented a lingering effect on them giving him instant control when he needed be. However, at his death, it triggered a massive overload which made the construct go awry and uncontrollable. This day, many innocent lives of any classes were collateral victim of the construct's chaotic behaviour. The whole kingdom and infantry went into disarray for many months and because of this, all of his reasearches and involvment became taboo in the kingdom and across Arcamunda.

Personality Characteristics


What drove Vyceric was to develop a self-energised workforce in order for humanoids to focus more on their based needs. By working hard on construction and alchemical theory, he aimed to produce a revolution in production, warfare and commodities so his fellowmen could live better on their, sometimes, harsh lands.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Due to his need to ever be doing something, he was not a person enjoying gatherings or discussions he felt was not interesting or going circle, and often was passively leaving when he didn't felt of interest to stay or continue a pointless conversation. Some deemed his behaviour very rude when it happens.   His desire for perfection also gave him a reputation of being controlling and not very lax with his fellow patent workers or commissioners. He had a pretty sharp tongue for those doing half-assed work. However, his push for greatness were often success and his verification deemed important.   he however valued the need of rest for the body and when a project was done, he would take time to take a vacation and relax away from his body of work. He particulary enjoyyed going back to Loth Hakan.

Personality Quirks

He would at times rub in the space under his nose and over his mustache, as it is a place he always was bothered by sand getting close to his mouth or nostrils.


Vyceric was a rather clean inventor, as he considered dirt and other odors to be a detriment to production and creation. He wasn't a neat freak as handshakes and traveling weren't an issue, but the state of his workshops were well tidied.


Contacts & Relations

Vyceric was an introvert but had a close relationship with his childhood friend Adi Al-Enezi. This same friend gave him the handle of his dagger made of a tomb scorpion he fought as a tomb guardian. Vyceric valued this friend as he had a very unique way of seeing things and offered him new perspective everytime they talked, even of the most mundane things the man use to dislike talking about.

Family Ties

Orphan. Parents unknown.

Hobbies & Pets

While a late teenager, he managed to buy himself an eagle which he valued a lot, named Avir. The eagle eventually passed away. When he attuned his jar with an air djanni, the main form of the spirit took shaped of his former avian companion.

Wealth & Financial state

Vyceric was amongst the richest man of the land, and rivaled even governors and rulers. He made his money out of contract and always managed to leave richer everywhere he passed. A good amount of money was invested in Loth Hakan as donation in order to offer the village a more sustainable and safer environment. Vyceric was quite a philantropist.   However, a part of his legacy was seized or destroyed by authorities after his demise and allegations. Some, however, are sure he left some personnal vaults and demiplanes across the realm which was still untouched. Thankfully, his investment he made on cities were rarely lost as they were non-magical and useful for the country as a whole.   Rumors says the Army of Sunspark he helped mass produce was sealed somewhere unknown to the public in fear they would go awry like the other Sunspark Automatons. His presence is enough for neighbouring countries to think twice before invading.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Emperor of Sands, Vizyr of Sultan Al Bhakir (former)
Circumstances of Death
Died by the blade under accusations of high treason by the Pillars. Despite a couple of search platoons sent to find the body, it was never found.
Loth Hakan (assumed)
Bald (originaly black)
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Black, light tone
190 pounds
Quotes & Catchphrases
Be the change you want to see in this world

Cover image: Vyceric - Preliminary design by Mysterimaan


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Jul 31, 2019 20:04 by Michael Blue

This is a very interesting character and I like his quirks with keeping himself clean of body hair. I also love how his greatest failure is tied to his death causing anything he created to be tainted in peoples minds.

Jul 31, 2019 22:45 by William Belley

The worst failures are those you can't repair ;-;   thanks for the comment :)

Aug 1, 2019 01:17 by Derek Ward

I definitely feel like I am able to connect with this character, and have a solid understanding of him after finishing the article! An interesting take towards the prompt, and full of history about the emperor himself. I especially like the color scheme you've chosen for the presentation of the article, and how fleshed out Vyceric is!   My only comments I could add from there would be a typo of his name as Viceric underneath education, and the font can be difficult to read sometimes.

Aug 1, 2019 06:05 by William Belley

Hello Derek, and glad you liked him ! I tought i removed some typos but seems like i missed some again, i will check on that, thank you!   And Happy end of Summercamp !

Aug 1, 2019 01:31

Things I liked: There are actually a couple things I am curious about in this article. So far, I think the biggest one would be, what happened between Vyceric and the Pillars? Did he cross a line, or was he just too powerful for their tastes? Other things I liked about this guy is how he strayed away from the mage stereotype of tall and thin, and how he had some commonsense thoughts like hygiene. [I also noticed how you gave him the quote, "Be the change you want to see in the world.";)] I also really liked the vibes coming off from him like his drive and his compassion.   In terms of critique, I think the one that was glaringly obvious in this article were some of the grammar issues. Not necessarily misspelling, more like incorrect tenses and strange word order. I would rather not spend all my time going into that, however, unless you want me too. One thing I would really like to see added in this article would definitely be how his 'backdoor' into his products caused an overload at his death, as you are a little fuzzy on it.

Aug 1, 2019 06:09 by William Belley

Hello WP, and thanks for your comment :).   For the Pillars incident, it is actually a quite big lore moment, and i will plan to write it. Just not in the immediate (i think we can't even add links on our pages during verification of SC :x). But if it peaked your interest rest assured there will be more. And cool to know it was.   As for grammar, i sometimes have odd turn of phrases, it's either because i mix litteracy levels, or sometimes because i turn a phrase around because i struggle to explain it in simpler terms or look for the word i need ( since it's second language). But I assume it will be even better over time :)   Happy end of Summercamp !

Aug 1, 2019 18:24

Fascinating how detailled and real you described Vyceric. And I like how structured you wrote everything. And how cruel that the other side of the coin was his creation killing innocent people.

Aug 1, 2019 20:16 by William Belley

Thanks for your comment, Dr. E. It is indeed a character that needed to be fleshed out. I look forward to develop more about the Pillars and the rgion he lived in.   Happy Summercamp !

Jan 29, 2020 04:49 by Keontez George

This a very interesting and fully realized character in my reading. As a writer, if I was you, I would give this another read through and fix the grammar issues. It also didn't seem to flow very well and could possibly do some cutting of the fat and expanding his backstory to show us more of the character.

Jan 29, 2020 04:49 by Keontez George

This a very interesting and fully realized character in my reading. As a writer, if I was you, I would give this another read through and fix the grammar issues. It also didn't seem to flow very well and could possibly do some cutting of the fat and expanding his backstory to show us more of the character.