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Jansen Billowblock

Jansen Billowblock

Jansen Billowblock lives up the family name, and then some. He is possibly the smartest of the lot.
— from the official biography of Jansen Billowblock


Gnomes are known for their often unkempt and crazy scientist-like appearances. Jansen Billowblock is not that stereotype at all. Outside of the workshop, you will find Jansen in a well-tailored silk waistcoat. In the workshop, though, he at least dresses for work and keeps the finery away from potential explosions and fire. Jansen does not wear glasses either. He has short, well-combed black hair.  

Scientific Genius

Jansen Billowblock has more credits for discoveries than any other person in history. He is notorious for being able to provide that last little bit of insight needed to turn an almost-there into a bona fide new invention. Of course, there are plenty of examples of entirely his own work, and also is on top for leading credits too.   Jansen spends the vast majority of his time in his workshop or wandering the halls of Billowblock Inventions. However, he does also spend a fair amount of time schmoozing with the political folk of Rattlebottom as Billowblock Inventions are an integral part of the political elite in the capital city.  

Notable Inventions

The biggest invention to date to come out of the Jansen Billowblock mind is The Cloudrunner. The Cloudrunner is the skyship that flies between Dawnstone and the isolated Esotar. The first was created about forty years ago but the second has been beset by a horrific string of setbacks and maladies and has yet to be built.   In terms of total notable inventions in recent times, all bar one come from Billowblock Inventors. That one is Blackpowder, which was an accidental discovery by Kitti Bluefoot. However, the following invention of Boomblocks was. Boomblocks have become a necessity in the mining community as controlled detonations of boomblocks are incredibly effective in clearing large portions of rock away.
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Head of Billowblock Inventions
Year of Birth
412 PC 173 Years old
Current Residence
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Aligned Organization


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