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Ah, those wonderful gnomes. At any given point in time, the next big discovery is probably happening in that clanking city
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous adventurer


  • 82% Gnome
  • 10% Dwarf
  • 5% Human
  • 3% Others
  Despite being a racial capital, Rattlebottom has a total population that is closer to some of the larger towns than the other capitals. This is in part due to the Gnomish population, in general, being far lower than Dwarves, Elves and Humans and in part due to the inherent curious personality trait of Gnomes and so they often leave to experience the world.  


Rattlebottom, like Khul Boldir and Dawnstone was built after the Primordial Uprising at the dawn of the Age of Discovery. However, unlike the Dwarven and Human capitals, Rattlebottom was supposedly a rebuild. No records exist prior to the Age of Discovery, but what does exist from the early years of that era indicates that the myths that Gnomes were the original residents of the mountains are accurate. The Dwarves made the mountains their home after seeing that Rattlebottom had managed to survive in some form.  

City Structure

Unlike the Dwarves, who built Khul Boldir almost wholly into a mountain, Rattlebottom exists mostly on the mountainside it resides on. There is an internal portion, they have their own mines and their own forge inside the mountain but almost all residential sectors are outdoors. Inside the mountain is Smelter's Landing, with the Rattlebottom Mines below. Directly outside the mountain entrance lies Tinkerer's Row and the headquarters of the Billowblock Inventors. This is purely to reduce the distance between material production and its users. Beyond that, there are no real defined districts. Although, with one entrance to Rattlebottom, the majority of the more tourist inclined establishments are found on that side of the city. For instance, most inns designed for travellers gravitate to the entrance and Shortspark's Arena (where Shortspark's Construct Fight Nights are held) is just a few minutes walk from the official entrance to Rattlebottom. Rattlebottom Manor, the residence of the Gnome King sits nestled in a corner of the mountainside away from both the entrance to the city and the opening to mines, the furthest it could possibly be from any major thoroughfare.
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