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River's Fork Museum

As an explorer and chronicler, it delights me that such a place as the River's Fork Museum exists. I encourage everyone to visit and learn.
— Hajar Stoutsong, renowned explorer


The Aldenian Archaeological Society was founded in the very early days of the Age of Discovery by King Holdan Lancius. They were charged with investigating the past in safe manner. Since prior to the Age of Discovery, there seemingly was a purge of all documented information, King Lancius presumed there to be reason for that and like most organisation entrusted in research of the past, placed careful limitations upon them.   If the myths and rumour were true of great elemental beings of power existing in the past, then anything that was found and deemed directly connected to them would have to be placed under strict guard. In those early days, the museum was merely an archive to hold all artefact, regardless of their danger.  

Across the Ages

As ages past and cities grow and fade, civilisations fight and disappear, creatures evolve and become extinct, the Archaeological Society remained to excavate them eventually.   Later during the Age of Discovery, the archive was split. Anything that was declared safe for public viewing was allowed to be presented in the Museum. For the most part, these were documents and tools of past societies and cultures.  


At the moment, the most famous items in the collection are The Lost Artefacts of Aregos Falstar, though they are merely a replication from recorded description and artworks. The museum now displays many magical artefacts from across the ages, some supposedly belonging to heroes, some of unknown origin.  

Layout & Appearance

The Museum is one large room separated into sections where various collections can be displayed. The Museum entrance is along the north-west edge of the Triangle (the central plaza of River's Fork). Museum is also the headquarters of the Archaeological, which continues its research in the rooms and corridor behind the museum. In those back rooms holds one of the most extensive libraries in the world, only bettered by the Nether Archive belong the Dwarven Scholars and the Radiant Repository in at the Radiant Tower. The Headmistress has an office in the back, along with various research rooms for the members to carry their studies in.
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