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The Lost Artefacts of Aregos Falstar

Even as the Wraiths descended upon him, I could still see the sword, shining brightly through the shadowy mists trying to smother him. Just as it seemed as if the darkness was going to consume him, a wave of golden light burst forth, repelling the undead attackers.
— Raiban Elswort, Lieutenant of the Dawn's Guard and survivor of the
Assault of the Dark Council's Fortress



A couple of weeks after the Battle of The Sanmire Estate early in the Cataclysm Wars, which successfully rid the world of the Vampire Lord Sanmire, it was discovered that one of the Lieutenants in that battle, Lothaire, had been infected with the vampire's curse. The fact that Lothaire's personality during this period had not changed at all, nor had he spread the curse beyond himself along with Aregos' friendship with Lothaire caused Aregos Falstar much consternation. When this detail was revealed to the public, Lothaire fled and Aregos let him. Lothaire was almost immediately recruited into The Dark Council, and became the ninth and final member, causing the council to become known by its more formal name - The Council of Nine.   This apparent betrayal caused a crisis of confidence within Aregos and one night, he just left Dawnstone without saying a word or leaving any clue to where he had gone to. No one knows where he went, but he came back months later with renewed faith in his deity and with a new set of armour, sword and shield. Whilst Aregos never divulged any details about where these items came from or what they were capable of, many people saw their effects on the battlefield alongside him. They became known as The Plate Armour of Unholy Warding (due the seeming lack of damage caused by the undead against it), The Shield of the Reflected Dawn (because of similar properties but also it would radiate a pulse of divine energy every once in a while) and The Sword of Guiding Light (the sword was a shining beacon of light whenever undead forces were around and seemed to cut through them with ease).  

During the Cataclysm Wars

His divine artefacts never left Aregos' side for the rest of the Wars. They were there when they defeated Dreadfang, they were there during the Battle of the Ancestral Tree, they were there for Mohzall's successful return back to the Earth Plane and they were there during the Assault on the Dark Council's Fortress. Aregos managed to survive against odds that were severely unfavourable and any other man would have succumbed to them, had they not had the combination of the them imbued items and his courage.   The sword, and Aregos, have the following major kills attributed to them: Lich King Vaedrin, Dreadfang, Drakk the Brutal and Lothaire. How much of a fight Lothaire put up against Aregos is a source of serious debate amongst scholars since that fight but in the waning months of the Wars, this sword cut down many a high profile target.  

After the Wars

Once Aregos returned back to Dawnstone, he was appointed General of the Dawn's Guard, following the death of the previous holder during the assault on the fortress. He wore that armour and wielded that sword and shield until his retirement. Often the sight of Aregos in his full garb would be enough to resolve an issue, such is the respect that he, and they, earned.  

Present Day

Upon Aregos's passing, no one was able to find where he left these artefact and once again, no clues to there whereabouts have ever been found. Aregos left no journal or notes that could shed any light on this matter, or any other unresolved questions from his lifetime. Over the years since, people have claimed they have found something that would guide them to the secret location but unsurprisingly no artefacts have magically appeared after such claims. To this day, no sightings of the armour, shield or sword have been seen. However, naturally, this has not stopped many an adventurer from attempting to locate these missing sacred artefacts and claiming them and with every new king that sits upon the Dawn Throne, Dawnstone itself will set up a search.  


The armour consists of a chest and leg pieces as well as gauntlets (the leg pieces features boots all together as one). They were all mostly unremarkable in design, at least compared to the regular armour worn by the Dawn's Guard. It's most notable divergence from the normal style were a ridge over each shoulder, providing a minor protection against horizontal swipes against the wearer's neck. The only other major difference was that Aregos's armour had a somewhat golden trim to it, as well an intricate pattern upon the centre of the chest area. The armour also featured the blue cape of the Dawn's Guard, but that is presumed to have been addition made by Aregos himself.   The shield was pointed at the bottom, in a V shape, with crested top. On the front of the shield was a large sun motif, in the same yellowish metal that the armour was trimmed in, along with a few other flourishes around the edges. Whilst being the most visually extravagant of the three artefacts, it was by no means garish.   Following the theme, the sword is understated in its design. It was a simple plain blade, with basic leather wrapped hilt. The only indication that this is special blade is from its golden curved cross guard, with a diamond shaped gem inset within it, possibly a ruby.
Item type
Unique Artifact

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