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Axora is an Earth-like world, large continents breaking up vast open seas.  


Aldenia is the temperate continent in the northwest. It's supposedly the cradle of civilisation, where the first people were created and then spread across the world during the Age of Discovery.   It was also the seat for the devastating The Cataclysm War. Whilst the world felt the effects, the core of the war happened in Aldenia and it is a continent that still bears the scars of that conflict.   Still, the evil Council of Nine were defeated nearly six hundred years now and Aldenia has returned to prosperity. Everything is okay in Aldenia again...  


The largest continent, largely Mediterranean in its climate. Maressea in the west is arid and dry. The Kingdom of Gonde is northeast, though is cold and largely frigid tundra. Hantau in the south-east, however, is hot and rainy. Mysandros is a continent of varied climate and varied people alike.  


Drassau is not one landmass. Drassau is a collection of islands situated almost directly at the centre of the four continents, Aldenia to its north-west, Mysandros to its north-east with Suriima and Thrabad to the south-west and south-east respectively.   Drassau's political structure is notoriously fluid with ownership of the various islands changing hands on a relatively (by historical standards) quick turnaround.  


The mostly tropical continent sits far south of Aldenia.  


Thrabad is mostly dry and arid. Deserts and savanna spread over most of the continent.

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