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Axora is an Earth-like world, large continents breaking up vast open seas.  


Nearly six hundred years ago, the continent of Aldenia was ravaged by cataclysmic war between dark entities and the forces that stood to protect the world. The war lasted a decade, but eventually good triumphed and the Dark Council was destroyed and the many evil beings they released killed or imprisoned, even the great dragon Mohzall the Shatterer was successfully trapped back into the Earth plane, but his mark still lingers. The southern island of Soloon remains in pieces, the eastern portion of Aldenia is now an island adrifts of the mainland, and a great chasm stretches across almost all the way down the centre of the continent.   However, time has passed and whilst the continent bears the marks of a war fought centuries ago, the populace has recovered and the world is rebuilt. Only the oldest of elves can call the Cataclysm a memory, for most generations have passed and tales of the war are consigned to the history books. The Dark Council are used as tales to scare the children of the human settlements.   Now, Aldenia is entering an age of prosperity and peace. There were tussles for power in the early years following the end of the Cataclysm, but even they have long since been resolved. The age of rebuilding is over and now the peoples of Aldenia look towards progress and advancement. The Gnomes tinker, the Dwarves forge, the human explore. Only the Elves remain wary, for they have a few amongst them old enough to remember tales that The Dark Council had managed to find a way to cheat death.   But that's all they are, just tales... right?  


The largest continent, largely mediterrenean in its climate. Arid deserts do feature here, with cold and mountainous tundra in the north and east.  


Drassau is not one landmass. Drassau is a collection of island situated almost directly at the centre of the four continents, Aldenia to its north-west, Mysandros to its north-east with Suriima and Thrabad to the south-west and and south-east respectively.   Drassau's political structure is notoriously fluid with ownership of the various islands changing hands on a relatively (by historical standards) quickly.  


The mostly tropical continent sits far south of Aldenia.  


Thrabad is mostly dry and arid. Deserts and savanna spread over most of the continent. However, lush jungles do feature in the southern portions.

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