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Aregos Falstar

General Aregos Falstar

A literal shining beacon in Aldenian history. Aregos Falstar is unquestionably one of our greatest heroes. Equally skilled in combat and divine magic, he was often the deciding factor in crucial turning points during The Cataclysm Wars.
— Kilby Thornton, Human historian & author of Heroes of Aldenia

Early Years

Aregos's parents are unknown. He was left at the Temple of Alios in Dawnstone as a newborn child, where he was raised and taught the values of the god of light. His tutors observed that he would always help others even from a young age. The Priests of Alios were well known for taking in orphaned children. They were also an excellent choice for a young person's education and held lessons on a daily basis. One such student was Astrona Emberwild. Aregos and Astrona became close friends, being the same age they shared eight years learning alongside one another. It was noted that unlike Astrona who was a fantastic general intellectual, Aregos did not have that same spark. Records state he was enthusiastic in religious studies and gifted in channelling magic from divine sources, particularly.  

A Military Figure

Upon reaching the age for conscription, he immediately joined the Dawn's Guard seeing it as the best way he could help his fellow people. He made his farewells to the priests who had raised him, and to Astrona. Though, he would return occasionally to catch up. On the battlefield, his selflessness was ironically regarded as a potential issue in those early years in service as it would often put him in more danger than was necessary.   Once he found the balance and experience, understanding that sometimes the best way to aid isn't always rushing in to help, his superiors recognised Aregos's skill and talent. He had been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant by the time the Cataclysm Wars officially began.  

The Cataclysm Wars

He was a Lieutenant during the assault on The Sanmire Estate, a successful attempt to destroy a powerful vampire during the early years of the war. However, it was in that assault that his second-in-command, Lothaire - a promising candidate for Lieutenancy himself - was turned by Sanmire before Sanmire was eradicated. Aregos was promoted to Captain immediately after this event, Lothaire's status was not found out until weeks later. Although no change to Aregos's rank was made after this nor did anyone blame him, Aregos himself regarded it as a failure on his own part. Whilst Aregos was a lifelong servant of Alios and therefore vanquishing the undead was part of his core beliefs, he observed that Lothaire had not fundamentally changed and when society turned against him it was Aregos that allowed Lothaire to escape.   Letting Lothaire escape made Aregos question his values, especially once The Dark Council inducted the ostracised and lost Lothaire into it, being the eighth member of what would eventually become The Council of Nine. Lothaire was a close friend and confidant. The fact that this was the second close friend he had seemingly lost to dark forces only compounded his confusion. It is also said that Lothaire had a secret and Aregos was the only one who knew what it was, but he took that secret to the grave. Likewise, no one knows exactly what happened to Aregos during the months that followed the news about Lothaire joining The Dark Council. All the records can say is that he went wandering, his faith in Alios shaken.   When he came back, he came back with a new set of armour, shield and sword. He was welcomed back into the Dawn's Guard, rank intact, and fought with even more fervour than ever before and was a beacon of hope during what became increasingly dark times. He was part of the forces that eventually defeated the Council's armies and restored The Ancestral Tree to his former glory, releasing the corruption. He was also present during when Dreadfang was killed and later when Mohzall banished back to the Earth plane. These string of events meant that he was called upon to lead the forces of light for the assault on The Council of Nine's stronghold. Imbued with divine energy, it was Aregos who is said to have dealt the killing blow on Lothaire, though how much of a fight Lothaire put up is a matter of great debate amongst scholars. He also ended up in a direct confrontation with the Orc Warlord Drakk the Brutal during this assault and was the one to kill that Council member too, along with being crucial in holding back the last of the Council's forces whilst the archmages dealt with the Council's leader Astrona.  

After the Cataclysm Wars

Due to General Kreen's death during the assault on The Dark Council, Aregos was promoted in the aftermath. The years that followed the demise of the Council were turbulent as factions jostled for power and Aregos was key in settling those disputes. No one could argue when this heroic figure was ordering you to stop messing around and focus on rebuilding the world. He was instrumental in finding the solution to the vacant throne issue by locating a secret child. He was the one to present the newly discovered rightful heir, Hather Lothrun, as the new King of the Humans. As things settled down, he was seen on the battlefield less and less, trusting his army to mop up any leftover horrors, only appearing if a serious threat decided to try its luck. He retired after twenty years of holding the post of General.   He died naturally at the age of 71. A week of mourning was held upon his passing. He had never married nor sired any children, though in a way he was King Hather's main father figure.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
General of the Dawn's Guard.
39 BCE 32 PC 71 years old
Light Brown
Aligned Organization

A Brutal Reminder

He gained a small scar on his cheek he gained during the vanquishing of the Council of Nine, a reminder of how close Drakk the Brutal's great axe came from ending his life entirely.  

Abilties & Artefacts

He developed into a master in using divine magic. He was said to be able to converse with the god Alios directly.   After returning from a mysterious absence, he sported a new set of armour and weaponry. All seemingly simple in their design, but with smart, elegant gold embellishments on the silver metal. It became quickly apparent that this armour, sword and shield were imbued with magical power. Soon, they were known by the world as The Plate Armour of Unholy Warding, The Shield of Reflected Dawn and The Sword of Guiding Light.  
The Lost Artefacts of Aregos Falstar
Item | Jul 3, 2023

Credited Kills

  • Lord Sanmire (Vampire)
  • Dreadfang (Black Dragon)
  • Lothaire (Vampire/Dark Council Member)
  • Drakk the Brutal (Orc Warlord/Dark Council Member)

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